Carbon Monoxide Alarms

How Dangerous Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is a real threat to humans. It lacks any taste, color or odor and as such it is basically impossible to note unless you have a detector in your house. Depending on the quantity of CO in the air, it will either quickly or slowly disable or kill humans. The gas works by getting into the blood stream at a speed which is higher than oxygen. This means that very little oxygen is able to reach the bodies organs. And will consequently lead to organ failure.

It is important to understand that a detector is completely different from a smoke alarm. A smoke alarm is designed to warn the inhabitants of a building if there is a fire. Where as the purpose of the former is to alert people to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

The detector will monitor the level of carbon monoxide in the air over a period of time. If the level reached becomes dangerous to humans, then an alarm will be set off and in some cases emergency services will be automatically notified. This dangerous gas can be leaked from a variety of common sources found in many households. These include water heaters, a chimney the blocked either partially or fully, gas stoves, clothes dryers or a car that is still running inside the garage.

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You should bear in mind that when you install your CO detector there will usually be a suggested location for you to install it into. You should check the instructions carefully to make sure that you are installing it in the set location. Also most of them will run either on AC or batteries. Generally there is a back up system in place. You will definitely want to purchase an alarm that includes a back up system. It is important as with smoke detectors to regularly check them to make sure that they are live. There will be a light to indicate whether the battery is functioning. This will not tell you however if there is a problem with the circuits. And as such you will want to have your alarm tested properly once a year. When you are choosing your alarm you want to make sure that it has the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label on it. This will certify that you are purchasing a quality, reliable alarm.

It is important to understand that the threat of CO gas is real. Every year thousands of injuries occur as a direct result of poisoning. Virtually all of these injuries could have been stopped if there had been a CO detector installed inside the house. An alarm is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However the difference between having one or not can mean your life or the life of your loved ones.