You can't see or smell carbon monoxide. There's no sign that its in the air. Unfortunately, high levels of carbon monoxide can kill someone exposed over time in just a few minutes. In fact, quite a number of peoplr who suffered from CO poisoning last year die while in their sleep. Babies, elderly people and people with anemia or heart or respiratory problem are very susceptible to it.

As a single mom, I would do anything to protect my children - whether the danger is outside or inside my house. And carbon monoxide is one of the many things I need to protect them from. I have a 4-month old infant and 3 school-age kids and based on the articles I read online and news I see on the tube, they are very vulnerable to CO poisoning. Getting home security austin texas as part of a security system was a great idea. I remember watching an episode from my favorite CSI series when the miniature killer murdered her victim with CO poisoning. They were confused about the cause of death since there is no trace of a gun shoot or knife wound on the victim's body. It's like as if she died in deep slumber. What a silent way to die!

So, I had to admit - I was a bit paranoid after that. I began to read stuff about carbon monoxide. I found out that CO is not really hazardous if appliances and engines that burn fuel are properly maintained. However, if the machine or engine is not well-maintained, they emit high levels of CO making it poisonous and deadly. Another shocking fact is that even idle cars produce harmful CO that can be really fatal. Guess my kids aren't safe anywhere if I don't know what I am dealing with.

After further research, I learned that CO poisoning symptoms are almost the same as having a flu or even food poisoning. Dizziness and nausea are the usual signs of CO poisoning. Mental confusion and fainting that leads to serious health condition results from prolonged exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide. Of course, it may lead to death if left unattended.

What to do when you (or someone you know) experience any of these symptoms? If you suspect it is carbon monoxide poisoning - get out of your car or your house and get some fresh air. Literally. Open your windows and doors and turn off any combustible appliance. Immediately seek help from your doctor, there might be tests to be done and you can't do it at home. Ignoring the symptoms may lead to something serious. You already know that.

Since prevention is better than cure, you may hire a qualified technician to check your appliances and car engine. Make sure that all your appliances are properly maintained and operating efficiently. It may also help if you have carbon monoxide detectors. This is a gadget that monitors the level of carbon monoxide in the air. The alarm will sound if it detects high concentration of CO in the air. It may be a good investment and a life-saving device in the future.

I wasted no time in getting the detected installed. That takes one worry off my back. I can now sleep without worrying the unseen danger.