The proper carbon monoxide detector placement is very important in protecting your home and family. Before placing the detectors in your home, there are a few factors to consider. Detectors should not be placed in close proximity to appliances that emit fuel. They should also not be placed in close range to appliances that emit heat, or near environments with high humidity like bathrooms.

It is recommended that there should be at least one detector on each floor of the home. This means that carbon monoxide detector placement should also include the basement. The specific placement of the detector will vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the device. It is important to read the instruction manual before deciding where to place the detector within the home. For larger homes, more than one carbon monoxide detector should be used on each floor of the home.

It is recommended that a carbon monoxide detector should be placed within ten feet from bedrooms, or other sleeping locations. This is important in order to protect the family from this odorless, tasteless poison. It is also recommended that a detector be placed in the garage of the home as there are several things stored in this location that may emit the fumes.

After installing the detectors, it is important to make sure the batteries are replaced often to ensure that the device is working properly. Detectors are available that are able to be plugged into the wall. This is a great choice for those who do not want to worry about replacing batteries. Many detectors should be replaced within five to six years of their original installation.

While there are many to choose from, it is recommended that homeowners purchase a detector that has an audible sound if carbon monoxide is found. Some also offer a digital readout that will specify the amount of the toxin within the environment if it is detected.
Carbon monoxide detector placement is important in order to keep the family safe within the home. It is also very important to remember that these devices do not suffice as fire detectors. Each should be purchased and installed properly in the home.