If you've battled the Sensei in Card-Jitsu yet, you have probably discovered that he's got a whole collection of Card-Jistu cards with secret moves that you don't have in your standard collection. However, what you might not realize is that you can get these same cards and use them to win lots more of the Card-Jitsu games you play against others. You may also play them against the Sensei.But you want to know the methods and cheats for the special cards first!

The secret cards are special items that you access in the Club Penguin game. You get them when you purchase the Club Penguin trading cards, which are available in three different types of packs, a collector's edition, a value edition, and a single pack. Each of these card packs contains special cards with codes that give you 4 new cards that you do not normally get to use in the game.

Extra Common Cards

A lot of the additional cards you can unlock are common cards, but they usually have better numbers, both high and low. Adding them to your deck suggests that you've got an increased chance of having better cards to play. These cards do not have any special capabilities or animations, but they do assist in making it simpler to win your card-jitsu matches.

Very special Cards

Some of the cards you unlock have special capabilities and animations. Here's a guide to some of the truly cool new cards you could be sufficiently fortunate to add to your deck in the game. These are some of the special cards that you can get.

Golden Code Cards

Card-Jitsu in Club Penguin has been out for almost a whole year and Topps, the company that makes the trading cards recently unleashed a new set of trading cards as a companion to the online edition of the game. Fans of Club Penguin Card-Jitsu have learned that you can purchase the collectible trading cards in retail stores and on the Web. In each pack of Card-Jitsu trading cards, you will get special power cards that unlock virtual editions of the same card in the online game that give you special powers and help you advance through the ranks to get your black belt and ninja costume faster. There's also a very special and rare card called the Golden Code Card available in some packs.

The most special part of the rare Golden Code card will be that when you unlock it, you will automatically jump an entire belt in the Web game. In other words, if you are a brown belt and you use the special code, you will instantly be a black belt in the game. Players who are already black belts can use the card to get 3 very special rare power cards in the online edition of Card-Jitsu.

The new packs of Card-Jitsu packs are just starting to come out and the Golden Code Cards will only appear in the second edition packs so if you want to get a Golden Card, make sure you're buying the new packs. They're available in several stores, including Best Buy and Disney and are available for purchase online too.