If you are thinking of getting into Card Making, but finding the cost of materials overwhelming, here are a few ideas to help you get started today.

Card designs can be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be, and you really don't need to spend large amounts of money on supplies.. of course there are a few necessities. Your basic tools are

Basic Tools




Metal ruler

Craft knife

Cutting Mat


Lets have a look at these items first...

Cardboard. Easily obtainable from Newsagents, $2 shops and of course Craft stores. If you have some Manilla Folders laying around these can also be cut to make cards.

Paper.  Plain and coloured.. there are so many sources of paper, wrapping paper, brown paper, gift bags, computer paper, old book pages, maps, foil, lined writing paper, exercise books, and much more.

Scissors. Any scissors will do, as long as they are sharp, small scissors are best for cutting out designs and if they have sharp points even better.

Metal Ruler. Great for getting the measurements right,  keeping things straight, helping with folds, paper tearing and for use with a cutting knife.

Craft Knife.  This is not essential, but often works better than scissors with small designs and makes cutting card to the right dimensions easier.  Always use a Metal Ruler if using a craft knife, plastic rulers tend to get cut and lose their straight edge if used with a knife.

Cutting Mat.  Self healing, for saving the table, also good for designing on as most have measurment printed on them. Again not an essential item.. a folded newspaper works well too.

Glues/Adhesives.  Not much required here, double sided tape is excellent for most larger pieces,  Water based glue, sticky fixers ( squares or dots) for raised images, magic tape/ low tack tape for placing items that will need to be removed.

Now let's look at embellishments. This is where your imagination can run wild. Just start looking around the house and garden.. you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Here is a list of just a few items.

Ribbon, Lace, Feathers, Beads, String, CD's,Wool, Leaves, Twigs, Bottle caps, Kitchen foil, Pasta, Buttons, Wrapping paper, Patterned boxes, Books, Mags, photo's, Material, Paint colour cards, Words from publications, Childrens drawings, Bottle tops, Guitar picks, Christmas decorations, Glitter, Coloured tape, Tassels, Sticking plasters, Tooth picks, Sand, Food colouring and the list goes on.

So now it's time to get started.

Cut a piece of cardboard 21cm x 15cm, fold in half, this is your base card (fits a C6 envelope), and start designing. 

Happy Card Making.

Simple Card