A Review of Cardio Burn Sculpt

with Tanja Djelevic

Cardio Burn Sculpt
Credit: Amazon.com

A Review of Cardio Burn Sculpt Workout DVD

Featuring Tanja Djelevic

Cardio Burn Sculpt is a workout DVD that is under the Gaiam umbrella. This name is well-known for many different types of fitness DVDs and equipment. I chose to buy this particular DVD because I have done the resistance training DVD featuring Tanja Djelevic and really liked it. In fact, it is what jump-started my new fitness habit. Finding even one great workout DVD that you can throw on each day is a great way to develop a new fitness routine. Working out at home takes far less time, effort and motivation than getting yourself out the door, to the gym, changed, and on time for classes.

This particular DVD combines moves from Pilates, yoga, and aerobic conditioning (cardio) to deliver a fast-paced, non-stop workout. Tanja is a wonderful instructor as she is always smiling and performs the entire workout with you. I have seen great results by doing this workout 3 times per week. The cardio moves are mostly low impact but very challenging with lots of lunges and squats. This is combined with strength-building moves like bent rows which may or may not be used with added hand weights.

The cardio sequences are followed by muscle work and then lead into a balance move that is equally challenging. I never included balance as part of my fitness routine before but it adds dimension and works the small muscles in the legs. Each balance move, such as an 'airplane' where you stand on one leg with the other straight out behind you, is combined with a strengthening exercise like upward rows. I like these combinations because not a minute of workout time is wasted. Doing two things at once is more efficient and I like this approach.

Another advantage to Cardio Burn Sculpt is that it gives you the option of doing a 30- or a 50-minute workout. Both are equally as effective because you are moving and sweating the entire time. The 50-minute workout goes through all the moves while the 30-minute cuts time by leaving some out and focussing a little more on the cardio segment. I would use the 30-minute workout during the week after work and then the 50-minute workout one day on the weekend. Whichever you choose, you are getting a great workout. The warm-up and cool-down segments are included in these times as well, so you don't have to worry about rushing or skipping out early. These two elements are very important to preventing injury and aiding muscle recovery.

This DVD also includes a 'Bonus' Core Cardio Workout. Usually, I don't put too much faith in the bonus features of a DVD but this one is actually a great addition to the DVD. I would often choose to do the bonus cardio workout if I was particularly short on time during the week. It is a quick, effective, 15-minute workout that combines the most difficult moves from the 50-minute version.

Cardio Burn Sculpt has three great workout options that will fight workout boredom. You will get results with any of the workouts if done at least 3 times per week. I definitely burned calories and got rid of abdominal fat while improving my balance and stability as well. I also improved my core strength a lot with this DVD. It is challenging and fun and I would recommend adding it to your home fitness DVD collection.