Cardio machines help provide fitness enthusiasts with the workout that they need. However, each cardio machine is made just a bit differently, and different machines offer different workouts. Some examples of different types of cardio machines include stair machines and elliptical machines. Your choice will ultimately be determined by the type of workout you want with a machine and how much you're willing to spend. You'll certainly want to choose a machine that provides stimulating workouts. Stores like WorkoutWarehouse and Smooth Fitness offer a great variety of machines to choose from.

Elliptical Machines

These machines are especially popular with the elderly and those with joint problems. They work in a way that doesn't cause an impact on your joints. Both arm levers and pedals are used on this type of machine. One major advantage of an elliptical is that you can adjust your workout speed easily. This allows you to enjoy a strenuous workout when you want and also slow down when you need to. There is also a specialized type of elliptical called an arc trainer. This machine features higher pedals for a tougher workout. Ellipticals are a good all-around options because they provide both upper and lower body workouts.

Stair Machines

These machines provide a very vigorous workout. It's ideal for those who wish to focus on their lower body, but don't require a major upper body workout. A good stair machine offers good cardio exercise as well as resistance. The level of exercise is the same as taking a brisk walk upstairs. This allows users to be able to lose weight effectively and keep it off. A stair machine should be avoided by users with severe back or knee problems, as these can aggravate symptoms.


Treadmills have been a popular cardio machine for years due to their simplicity. Anyone who doesn't have a joint injury can benefit from using a treadmill. Many treadmills are adjustable to simulate running or walking on an incline. You can change the speed of the treadmill to suit the level of workout that you'd like to enjoy. Power walking, jogging and even running are easy to do with a treadmill. This can also be a good way to condition yourself to start jogging or running. You'll find that using a treadmill will provide as good of a workout as a power walk or a jog.

Exercise Bikes

Bikes are also a popular form of exercise equipment. Bikes offer an experience very similar to that of riding a bicycle. A stationary exercise bike allows you to keep up with a regular workout, regardless of the weather. Bikes are regarded as being fairly safe for people with injuries. It also takes up a relatively small area of space in your house. If you're not very active during your workday, you might experience some stiffness after using the bike. Some stretching exercises after you're done using the bike can help correct this issue. You'll find that this type of exercise will increase your heart rate and also help tone your lower body area.