People often spend a lot of money on fitness equipment for their home gym. While a lot of this equipment has its merits, you may want to work on your cardio without having to spend a lot of money or get a gym membership. Here are some cardio workout ideas that you can do in or around your home without spending a penny on equipment.

Step ups. This exercise is pretty straightforward. Find a stairway and step on and off the bottom step repeatedly for as long as you can. Some people buy a Step Aerobic Trainer. I find the stairs to be apt for the activity. Another great thing to do is just walk and down your stairs at a good pace, going faster as your cardio improves with time.

Running. You can also try running on the spot or, if your basement is big enough, make a makeshift track in it by clearing a certain area of clutter and running around on that. If the weather permits, you could simply run outside.

Shuffling. This is a valuable exercise I learned while training for boxing. Not only does it get your heart rate up it also works on your footwork for improving balance and agility. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and take a step forward with your weak leg. Put your hands up to your face as if to guard it. If you ever watched a boxing or UFC match, this is the stance the fighters will (or should) be in. With your lead foot take a step forward then bring your back foot up with it. Your movements should be fluid and light on your feet (again, think of how fighters move in a ring). Keep shuffling until you get close to a wall then back up by moving your back foot first then having your lead foot follow. Do the same movement left to right by taking a step to the right with your right foot (whether it's the front or back foot) and let the left follow. Move right to left by leading with your left foot. There are many excellent and more complex boxing and MMA training manoeuvres to master that would be hard to explain in an article. I recommend going to a local training club and take a one class free trial to learn some of them first hand and apply what you learn to your home routine.

Squats and Lunges. Both squats and lunges are an excellent way to build up your cardio if you work on doing very high repetitions. For an explanation of what these exercises are, refer to my article Lower Body Strength Training Exercises to do at Home with No Equipment Needed.

Jumping Jacks. Stand up with your arms to the side and feet shoulder width apart. Simultaneously jump each leg outward and raise your arms upward. Immediately come back to the starting position and repeat. Your movements should flow with no break in between. Jumping Jacks are a great way to test your cardiovascular strength as you go on since you can count how many you do then consistently try to beat your own record.

Burpees. This is one of the most challenging exercises you can do. From a standing position, crouch down and put your hands on the floor. Then kick your legs back so that you are in a pushup position and perform one pushup. Kick your legs back in then power yourself back up, jumping in the air as the performance of one burpee is complete. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. It is not easy so if you are a beginner do not be surprised if you are gassed by 10 or even 5 reps. Aim to perform more each time you train.

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