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Have you ever seen a Russian Blue cat before? They are absolutely gorgeous. They have silvery-blue fur (officially called "Blue" for competitions). Even besides their unique color, these cats have a very distinctive look to them. They also have emerald-green eyes, these are the only cats with that color eyes.  Their footpads are mauve, while other cats footpads are generally pink or slate grey. One more unique feature is their double coat of fur which makes their coat feel extra luxurious. 

These cats live, on average, between ten and fifteen years. To get them to live this long, or even longer, will take great care. One of the most important things you can do to allow your cat to have the best life she can, is to feed her the right foods and watch how she eats.

My recommendation for the best food for these cats would be a meat-heavy food which has very few fillers. This is true for all cats, but especially important for the Russian Blue since they are likely to gain weight. Fillers are grains which bulk up the calories of the food. Grains like corn, are cheaper than meat, so this makes pet food less expensive, but also less healthy. Read the label of your food and make sure the first ingredient is some type of meat--not a grain. 

Russian Blue cats love food.  A little too much. They love food to the extent that they will keep eating it until they are overweight. For this reason, you need to make sure you measure out the food you give to them and never give them too much. A healthy cat will weigh between seven and twelve pounds. If your Russian Blue weighs more than this, then you may wish to bring her to the vet to make sure she isn't overweight. 

You do not need to give these cats any special supplements or vitamins. However, if the food that you are giving to them does not have hairball control, then I would recommend giving them a supplement which helps with this. They are usually in a paste form and flavored. Most cats love it! 

Have fun with your new pet! Russian Blues are one of the best breeds for a family, since they are very affectionate and loving. They show much love for their master and family. They are very shy and are anti-social with strangers though.