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When you're in a job search, you have a lot of options for finding a new job.  As you'll quickly find, there are two major online job boards that you need to use for a job search: CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com.  Therefore, it's not surprising that you'd look for CareerBuilder reviews or Monster.com reviews.

As it turns out, CareerBuilder is a great place to begin your job search, and you could almost use the site exclusively to find your next career stop.  In comparison to Monster, CareerBuilder tends to get more traffic (at least, within the U.S.).  Although you may find more jobs listed on CareerBuilder, it may also mean you're faced with more competition, as there may be more candidates applying to jobs.

Ultimately, it may not matter which site you use (between the big two), because most larger employers will put job postings on both sites.

Do I Need to Pick One Site to Put My Resume On?

Absolutely not!  If you're only using one site, consider using another.  It should only take a few minutes to create a new account and upload your resume. This way, you may have access to more jobs.  Although CareerBuilder may be more popular than Monster.com, there's no reason you can't use both.

What Else Can I Do With CareerBuilder?

This is an excellent question, because there is more to CareerBuilder than just posting your resume and applying to new jobs.  CareerBuilder has a lot of other useful content including:

  • Salary Calculator - Input your job title and location and you'll get to see potential salary ranges for your target job.  Keep in mind, this is only a rough estimate - salaries can vary widely from company to company.
  • Free Resume Review - Although you will run into some premium services that you need to pay extra for, they do offer a free resume critique, if you feel your resume quality may be turning off potential employers.
  • Skills Training  - This probably won't be free most of the time, however it's another resource at your fingertips on CareerBuilder.  Some courses are very reasonably priced - for example, you can take a Microsoft Excel course for $49.  There are courses that cover just about any topic, even how to interview well.
  • Education Center -  If you're looking to go to school (or back to school), CareerBuilder has a nice school search engine where you can input your keywords (i.e. degree type) and location, and it will return results for the relevant schools.  

Overall, CareerBuilder is a great site to utilize if you're seeking a new opportunity.  There are tons of jobs out there for you to explore.  In addition to the site helping when you're looking for a job, it can also possibly help you brush up on your skills and education, if you so desire.  

Now, stop looking for CareerBuilder reviews, and get over there to start your job search! Your dream career may be waiting, but you'll need to take action to find it.