Career Change DOES happen...and it's a good thing!

Career change is very common.  Most people will change careers between 7 and 10 times in their life times.  An analysis of some of the most successful people showed them changing careers up to 17 times!  Too often we feel like a failure for changing careers.  As if by some magical Voo Doo haze we can nail the right career choice the first time out of the gate.

I have given a lot of career change advice.  Mostly to young people right out of high school.  The pressure these days to identify the right career choice early is intense.  There is pressure to choose a major, select all the right classes.  Identify what you are good at.  Take ACT and SAT tests and score well.  And all this is happening at a time when life experiences are limited.  And yet somehow we are supposed to choose the right career.  And then stick with this career choice for 80 years!?  VERY unlikely.  In fact, nearly impossible.  

Why?  Because we are dynamic human beings.  We change over time.  Our experiences, knowledge, preferences, abilities, perspectives all change. As we change we can expect career change.  Some times career changes can be somewhat radical.  For example, I went from marriage counseling to a highly technical career helping people set up computer networks, to managing large IT projects.  Now I am moving back to life coaching and personal development.  

My career change advice is this.  Do it and do it often.  Experience a lot of different things.  Explore, experiment, try many different things.  Things change too fast to get locked into any one thing.  It's not like the industrial age where you would get a job in a tire factory for 55 years.  Whole industries come and go now in 10 years, even 5 years.  Expect to change careers a number of times. Those that expect career change, and welcome that change in their lives will be so much happier AND more successful. 

Having worked in "high tech" for a number of years, I saw a lot of people get laid off.  Many had been doing the exact same job for 10, 15, even 20 years.  At first they were horrified. I learned an interesting thing.  I would check back with them 6 months later and they were a happy as can be.  In fact, in most cases they considered the lay off a blessing!  Why?  It forced a career change to something else that they found much more satisfying. 

Are you doing the same thing you were doing 5 years ago, 10 years ago?  If so you are likely obsolete.  You are stale bread, and most likely bored, frustrated, maybe even angry.  Take a hard look at what you are doing.  Do you see some green appearing around the edges?  That is likely's time for a career change.  

If you don't feel energized by what you do, it is likely time for a career change.  If you dread going to work, it is definitely time for a career change.  If you kick the dog, yell at the kids and disappear in your home office or bedroom for hours each's time for a change.  

So where do you begin? Take a hard look at your self.

What are your hobbies?  How do you spend your leisure time? If you had all the money in the world.  And you could do any thing...what would you do?  

Take the time to write down 20 things you would like to do.  Brain storm this a bit.  It doesn't matter if you are good at it or even have any idea how you would do it.

Rate the 20 items with a number 1 to 10.  10 being those items that excite you most.  Take the top few items on your list and do some research.  Is there some element that you could start working on now?  Carve off some small piece and start doing research.  Start a blog, and share your findings.  Use the virtual world of the Internet to get started. 

Everyone one has something inside just busting to get out.  Start a blog, and start sharing your ideas. you will get feedback and that will give guidance you can use to tune your direction and content.  That is the purpose for my own blog at 

I wish you the best of luck on your journey.