Many young people are eager to become doctors. However, a lot of them become disappointed by their choice. They appear to be not ready for hard work, challenges, long training... So before you choose a career in medicine, find out whether it is really what you want.


First of all, ask yourself whether you should choose a career in medicine. Most people say they choose medicine because they want to help people and save lives. Still, you must have some other reasons not to be disappointed by your choice afterwards. What are your plans for future and career goals? What is your personality type and skills?


Be realistic about challenges and rewards of medical career. High competition, long years of training, stressful work and commitment is what medicine requires from those who choose it as profession.


In addition to this, you will have to find the right niche within medicine. There are various specialties that differ in length of training, workload, and salary. Becoming a surgeon, for instance, requires many years of education, long hours of work, night calls. Still the salary is quite attractive. Another example is anesthesiologists. They also undergo long training, however, they work less hours and anesthesiologist salary is still quite high.


There is also something different within medicine. What do you think about psychology and psychiatry? You will not have to interfere in human body, you will deal with brain. Although these careers may seem less demanding, there is still a great responsibility. Moreover, you will not see the results as soon as surgeons or anesthesiologists do. Human mind is a mystery, and if you are interested in long communication, solving problems, and a lot of thinking, then consider this career path seriously.


To the separate group of medical specialties belong the professions which actually see patients. They are family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine. You will not have to deal with cutting, suturing, etc., however, these medical careers do not offer very high earnings as compared to surgery.


By the way, if you are keen on sport, you may choose a career in sports medicine. You may wonder how to become a physical therapist, for instance, and then work with athletes who need rehabilitation. Physical therapists must remain in a good physical shape, so you will have a great stimulus to work on your body.


But don't be too obsessed with a medical specialty choice. You will have to make a decision only after some years in medical school (on your third year approximately). To that time you will be more conscious about what you actually like. All medical students have a lot of practicum with professional doctors in various specialties. This will help you to understand what is more interesting for you.


Don't think of specialty choice only, you have to come to that stage first. For that, you must get a Bachelor's degree and enter a medical school. And this is quite a challenge. Every medical school applicant has to pass MCAT which is not so easy. You must prepare, prepare, and once again prepare. Are you ready for hard work? Or you think only about your future career and how you will look in the white coat?


Future medical students must be aware of extensive training, high competition and challenges they would face on their way. Yes, your efforts will be compensated not only by high salary, but with people's gratitude and respect, which is no less pleasant. However, ten or more years you will work for your dream. And only then it will start working for you. Ready for this? Then good luck!