Getting into a career in photography can open up a world of opportunities. Being involved in the photography industry can be an incredibly varied and rewarding career choice. Most people will automatically think of a high-fashion photo shoot when they hear someone has a career in photography, but unfortunately the reality is that only a select few photographers will ever make their living in this way. Within the field of photography, there is a plethora of career opportunities depending on your interests; a career in photography really can last a lifetime.

Photographers can earn a living taking pictures of different things and in many different ways. Professional photographers create collections of photographs that can be published in photo albums, magazines and even museums and art collections depending on the type of pictures taken.

Careers in professional photography are highly competitive due to the fact that it is a hobby enjoyed by many worldwide and many try to take it from a hobby into something they can make a living from. Depending on your field of interest a career in professional photography could see you taking on travel photography, event photography and even seasonal photography. These areas tend to require the least qualifications whereas other areas will require at least an undergraduate degree in photography; therefore it is worth researching what level of education is needed before throwing yourself into a career. 

Photography is rarely a solo career as most shoots will involve scouting a location, and liaising with editors and art directors to make sure that the client is happy with everything on the day of the shoot. It also requires a fair amount of technical knowledge and direction as you will have to set up the lighting, operate the camera, direct the models and select the right lens, film and style of the photograph. To be a successful photographer you need the technical know-how but you also need the creative skills to be able to know what looks good and what doesn’t. A good photographer will have a kind of innate creative vision that allows them to envisage what they want the shot to look like and then the technical know-how to be able to create it.

The type of photographer you turn out to be will be largely determined by your skills and interests. An event photographer is a popular area of the industry to be involved in; these photographers are brilliant at being able to calculate the best lighting, angle and the right tone to be able to capture special moments perfectly. An event photographer needs to be able to capture the magic behind the special events and create something that the client will then look back on with fond memories for many years to come.

A photojournalist is one who is involved in working on a newspaper, magazine or journal and is responsible for providing images to run alongside stories within the publication. This job is a great opportunity to travel the world.

A pet photographer will take pictures of people’s animals and will often travel to the client’s home or the client will come to you at your studio. You need to be an animal person to be involved in this career but it can be incredibly rewarding.

 A portrait photographer is possibly the most traditional areas of the photography industry. Family portraits are incredibly important to the people in them and you will need to be a good people person to do this job well as you may be dealing with young children who are not prepared to cooperate.

If you feel that a career in photography could be for you, then the most important thing you can do is to research the fields in which you may be interested. Most of these careers will have their own professional organizations or websites so contact these if possible and get as much information as possible.