Freelance Writing with Elance

One of the best writing sites online for freelance writing is called Elance.  On this site you can take a number of different writing related jobs as well as others such as graphic design, computer programming, legal, multimedia, sales, and marketing. Most of the work is however writing related but you'll find plenty of other income opportunities on the site. there are literally thousands of different jobs you can apply to and conplete from home using this service. You submit your proposal and bid on the job and if you win the bid you can begin to write. To make is easier to get work you can take tests that show your potential enployer that you are qualified to complete the task given to you. 

Taking Freelance Tests

the best way to ensure you get hired for multiple jobs is to take the tests on Elance to show  your employer that you have the skills needed. For example if you are great with computer programming you could take skill tests in Game  Concepts, Google Android Programming, OpenGL Programming,  and many other computer related tests. if you are just a  writer you can take grammar tests, creative writing, resume, report writing, grant writing, and other tests that show your proficiency with the written word. The more tests you take in your chosen field the easier it will be for the employer to amke up his or her mind to hire you. This is important if you haven't done many jobs on the site because it shows that although you haven't worked much for Elance you are still qualified to take a job and complete it for the employer.

Browsing For Freelance Writing Jobs

Once you have taken some skill tests you are ready to start looking for work. Elance has dozens of job opportunities in the categories of programming, design, writing, marketing, administration, consulting, legal, engineering and other topics. Each category has multiple sub topics such as web programming,  graphic design, article writing, data entry, research, financial planning, mechanical, and so on. Once you find a job you like you can apply for the job with a proposal or bid. Your proposal should say a bit about you and how your skills would be perfect for the employer. Mention any degrees or other talent you have that would make you the best candidate for the job. Be sure to ask questions about the job if you don't understand something about what you are supposed to do. Think of the proposal as your sales pitch, you need to sell yourself to the employer and with luck land the freelancing job. Make note of any other work you have done in the field that showcases how well you would fit in with the employer.

Get The Work Done

You'll increase your chances of getting hired by other employers by completing your work in time and submitting it. Ask questions during your work if you don't understand something about what you need to do. Try not to take other jobs unless you can fit them into your schedule so you have time to accomplish everything you set out to do. Once you finish a job you'll receive feedback from the employer which will be very valuable in landing your next job with Elance. As you complete more work you'll get familar witht he system and it will get easier to get more done in less time. use the help center and ask questions when you need extra help. Do more tests to improve your skill set with Elance. You'll find plenty of freelance writing jobs with the site site but also many other jobs too.