Where does one start when choosing what career they want in life?  Imagine yourself in college having to choose the job you will have the rest of your life. The education you get will be for that job. One wonders if they will get a job with that degree.  There are individuals that work places that have nothing do with the education they received. Is the degree that a student achieved worthless or a waste of money?  

A career is what a person does for the life, they may enjoy it or not. Work could be anything that makes money for their life.  There is a catch 22 in life in jobs.  One must have experience to get the job but how does one get the experience if no one will hire them to give them the experience they need.  Then once a person gets into a field they thought they wanted, they realize they cannot do this type of employment everyday till the age of 65.  

How does one really choose a place to work at,  if they never worked in that type of field before?  Many people as I have run across in life have a job just because of the money.  People do not always enjoy where they work on a daily basis, as it is just a job to furnish the daily items of survival.  There are people that have jobs that actually enjoy what they do on a daily basis.  But, there is also burn out because there is no enjoyment of doing that activity just for the fun of it or doing the same thing day after day.  Sometimes jobs that are enjoyable to not always give good money for what they do, such as freelance writing.  Or even catering/baking where a person may enjoy cooking and baking but it depends on how much business the company gets in order to make the money.  

Research a career, match the job to go with it.  Decide if you can see yourself at the type of employment everyday.  Is there way that you can volunteer for a similar job to get a feel for what skills are needed?  Talk to other people in that work environment to hear their feels for their employer and work.  Hear the pros and cons of the job before the acceptance of job is taken.  A career and job is tough subject to discuss as a person relies on a job for the money.