Seldom does a clothing item come along that spans the entire spectrum from the working world to the women's clothing department in the finer department stores.  However, that is exactly what you will discover in your quest to locate the ideal pair of cargo pants.  These versatile pants have become a staple in many industries, as well as, having a prominent place in the well-dressed woman's wardrobe.

Cargo pants are easily recognized by the addition of external pockets sewn on to the outside of each pant leg.  These added pockets typically are designed with accordion folds that allow the pocket to expand in order to carry any number of items on one’s person.  In the past, many of the trades such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and construction workers found these pants to provide comfort in addition to their functionally.  Typically made to fit somewhat loosely, this allowed these workers the ability to be flexible as they squatted or bent down to go about their day.

Today, however, these cargo pants have found their way into other areas in the more mainstream of society.  Not only can you see them worn by the grunge skateboarder, but also by the police officer that warns the skater to stay off the sidewalk and away from the business front.  Law enforcement agencies and fire departments throughout the nation have found that these multiple pocket pants are extremely versatile when it comes to providing tactical or emergency medical services.

Another place that cargo pants have become extremely useful is in the area of self defense.  In the past, people that relied on concealed carry handguns for protection, struggled to find a way to carry their weapon in a way that was not only comfortable, but allowed for quick assess if the need were to arise.  By placing the handgun in a pocket holster inside a cargo pocket on the outside of the pant leg, you can meet all the needs of almost perfect concealed weapon carry.

While cargo pants were originally designed for people with an on-the-go lifestyle, they have become more widely used today in the casual fashion world.  With the infusion of modern light weight fabrics, cargo pants for women have invaded the fashion world in a myriad of fits and colors.  What once was reserved for the working man, has now become one of most desired items in the complete wardrobe of both the well-dressed woman and the practical man.