The Caribbean is a beautiful place to spend a honeymoon.  The water is a beautiful clear blue and the sand is a fine white.  But of course, there is a problem, which Caribbean island suits you best?  Are you adventurous? A beach bum? Do you like to explore? All-Inclusive, or just a room?  All of these questions should be considered before making a decision.  We have compiled a matching island for each of the traveler types listed above.


  1. The Adventurous Couple:  Ok, so you like adventure, maybe some cliff diving or mountain climbing are in your plans.  No problem, the Caribbean will be more than happy to accommodate your every need.  For those with this type of itch, we recommend Negril, Jamaica.  Negril is a cliff town, with beautiful resorts nestled in the seaside cliffs.  There are more than enough activities available to keep even the most adventurous tourist happy.  Give it a shot, we know you’ll love it.


  1. The Beach Bums:  You and I are going to get along my friend!  I love the beach.  I could spend hours listening to the waves, catching some sun and reading a relaxing book or magazine.  If the beach is your thing, then the Dominican Republic is your place.  The beaches are large, they provide plenty of space and don’t get overly crowded.  Most resorts, such as the NH Royal Beach where I stayed have private beaches.  This was ideal.  The ultimate in relaxation.  A Caribbean Honeymoon filled with lush beaches awaits you.  Check out for good deals.


  1. All-Inclusive:  The best all inclusive resorts we have found are in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas offer the unique feature of a majestic and exotic locale and overall safety.  A major concern that most travelers to the Caribbean have is overall safety.  This is where the Bahamas shines.  The price reflects this high end  mystique, but the price is worth it as soon as you nestle into your room at Paradise Island or a similar resort. 


  1. Room With a Viewers: If you’re just looking for a room with a view, Aruba is a destination that is second to none.  Much like the Bahamas, a Caribbean Honeymoon in Aruba will be the ultimate in relaxation.  However, Aruba offers a number of in-town restaurant options which allow visitors the freedom to venture away from the confines of the resort and find unique eateries.  I stayed at the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort and had a fantastic time.  You should check it out.


Have any other options that you would recommend?