Well made leather shoes are the staple of every elegant woman's wardrobe. A good quality pair of shoes that are well cared for can last for years and the right design can be worn throughout the seasons with the ability to meld with the latest clothing fashions and trends. Many women make the mistake of thinking they need a shoe collection that competes with the great Imelda Marcos in order to be stylish, but that isn't the case at all. Any professional stylist will tell you that all you really need are a minimum of three quality pairs of shoes to mix it up.

When shopping for new shoes know exactly what you are looking for so you are not tempted to buy those gorgeous, yet impractically sexy heels which you know you will be lucky to only wear once. Be firm in what you are looking for, based on what outfit you plan to wear with the shoes. Knowing what you plan to wear with the shoes is useful because you can have more of an idea of style and color. If they are work shoes then you know they will differ from shoes you would wear with your evening clothes.

Don't be afraid to experiment with color, why not get the snakeskin pattern to smarten up your black work pants? If they are a style of shoe that you will wear in another season then color in your shoes can be a great way to change the rest of the outfit

Keep in mind that new leather shoes are usually uncomfortable and will rub the first couple of times you wear them. There are leather conditioning creams and waxes which are usually available from the shoe store but you can also try wearing your new shoes around the house while wearing socks in order to break them in. Remember to pop a couple of band-aids in your hand bag the first time you venture out in your new footwear as a back up too! Once your shoes have softened though they will be comfortable and fit perfectly as they should.

Care for your leather shoes by cleaning them with especially designed leather cleaner and when you purchase your shoes buy a spray on leather conditioner which will protect your shoes from water damage from rain as well as stains. Maintain the look and condition of your leather shoes by polishing them with a professional leather oil and a soft cloth or proper shoe shiner.