Owning a puppy or a dog can be a lot of fun.  There are things you must do specifically for a dog that may be different than owning a cat or a fish.  There are also special requirements to owning a Golden Doodle than owning a different breed.  Since all breeds are different are require care a little differently, it is important to know what breed you are purchasing and to do a little research on it before you introduce them to your family.

Since Golden Doodle’s are big dogs, they are going to eat a lot.  You will probably be spending $25-$50 a month on food, depending on the quality of food you purchase.  Golden Doodles usually eat twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.

Golden Doodles have quite the amount of fur.  Grooming them is extremely important.  In order to keep their coat in tip top shape, they should be brushed every single day to keep the mats out and them feeling fresh.  Once the mats clump up together and collect dirt, not only can this be uncomfortable to them, but they really start to stink as well.  Keeping your Golden Doodle trimmed in the warmer months is a good idea so you don’t need to worry about grooming them as often.  Investing in a good quality clippers is a good idea because taking them to get a haircut every few months can really get expensive.

This type of breed requires a lot of attention.  Make sure you have time to be out there at least once a day either walking your dog or throwing a ball across the yard.  They need to get a lot of their physical energy out so they are not so hyper inside the house.   

Think about whether you would like to buy this breed as a puppy or a trained adult.  While puppies are adorable, they won’t stay that small forever.  Adult dogs are very lovable as well and an already trained dog can save you a lot of hassle.  Remember puppies require a lot of training and work.  You will have to train them not to jump, be sure to use the bathroom outside, not to chew on things, etc.  This can be a lot of work for a working family. 

Golden Doodles make great pets to any family.  They are wonderful with kids, but do require a lot of attention.  They are also a ball of energy.  Owning a Golden Doodle and having kids around to help is a good thing because they will need to burn off a lot of energy.  Before you buy a Golden Doodle make sure you ask yourself two very important questions; Do I have time for the dog? and Do I have enough money to properly care for the dog?  If you answered yes to both questions this may be a great time for you to bring another life into your family!  Overall, a Golden Doodle is a great breed to own.

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