Outdoor cats are completely different than indoor cats.  Many people prefer outdoor cats for many reasons.  The reasons may include not having to worry about feeding, changing the kitty litter and getting rid of mice. 

Feeding Your Outdoor Cat: Knowing how much to feed your cat really depends on where you live.  If you live somewhere in the country where there are plenty of mice, then your cat may not want any store boughten kitty food at all.  However, things may be different in the city.  While your cat may be able to find a couple of mice, it may not be enough to fill him up.  It may be a good idea to always leave a full bowl of cat food for your cat to eat as he pleases.  Also, always make sure you have fresh water for your cat.  Make sure it is not too warm in the summer and in the winter make sure that the water is not frozen.  They do make heated water dishes for those who plan on keeping the water dish outside or in a barn.

Shelter: There are many outdoor cats who can find their own shelter however, if you have a shelter specifically for him or her, it would be a good thing to do as a pet owner.  Allowing your outdoor cat to use the doggy door and come in and out as she please may be a good idea.  Also, if you have barn that you use this would make a great shelter as well.  Your cat will make himself feel at home.

Vet Care:  Although your cat is an outdoor cat, it is still important to take them in to the veterinarian for checkups and shots.  The rabies shot is important in case your cat comes across a rabid animal.  It is also very common for outdoor cats to get fleas, which can be very damaging for your cat.  Infections are also very common for outdoor cats.  They run into a lot more sticks, branches and other animals where any cut or scrape could become infected.

Behavior: Outdoor cats seem to be more aggressive than indoor cats because they have to fend for themselves.  Sometimes they can have wonderful personalities and usually have less fear of humans than indoor cats.  Outdoor cats can be just as sweet and lovable as an indoor cat. 

The average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 2-5 years because of all the animals they come across.  Some cats may live longer than this and some may not live this long.  It really depends on the environment your cat is living in and his or her aggression.  If you want your indoor cat to spend some time outdoors, but do not want them to wonder off into areas they should not be in, a leash may be a good option.  While you are outside reading a book, you can simply hold onto the leash and your cat can relax on the grass and sunbathe with you. 

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