Caring for one's leather products directly impacts on the leather's durability and longevity. Although many of us feel that there are better things we could do with our time, or that caring for leather involves wiping it down and giving it a coat of cream. The effort put in is worth the results in the end. Suede, buckskin, slink skin, shagreen and nappa leather are five of the most difficult leather types to care for, this being because they require specialized cleaners and brushes to get the job done.

Suede is split grain leather: meaning that it has no real top or bottom side. It is the layer of skin usually under the top grain but above what is considered to be rawhide. Most suede used today is derived from sheep. Suede is cleaned using a suede brush and a specially formulated cleaner that also serves to nourish the leather, do not use commercially available leather treatments or preservers as they will stain suede, leaving it oily and slick.

Buckskin also known as brain leather, this form of leather is cured using animal brains and fat. This soft leather requires cleaning with a brush to remove dirt prior to being cleaned using a lanolin based cleaner after which a beeswax or animal fat based nourisher should be applied. There's nothing like a Buckskin suede black leather arm chair. Buckskin suede should be cleaned the same way as all suede. Buckskin wholegrain requires cleaning with specially formulated cleaners, as it is prone to staining.

Slinkskin this very soft leather goes hard once it comes into contact with water and dries out, for this reason only specialized cleaners should be used in conjunction with a suede brush, clean as one would suede.

Shangreen or stingray leather, although durable and easy to clean using commercially available lanolin based cleaners, it requires a animal fat or fish oil based preserver to nourish the leather. Shangreen is not readily available leather and most stores who stock it would stock the preservative.

Nappa leather is a very soft leather used most commonly for personal toiletries and leather car upholstery. Care should especially be taken with a black leather chair and upholstery as application of the wrong cleanser and or preserver could result in the dye coming off and staining.

Top grain Nappa leather is Chromium cured or tanned allowing for its soft and supple feel. Nappa leather depending on the grain used could be cleaned with most commercially available leather and suede cleaners. However when applying its preserver it is best to apply to the underside if possible. This will allow for the leather to absorb the treatment better. Ensure that the cleanser is lanolin based this is to ensure the leather remains soft and supple.