Proper maintenance and care is vital for the health and longevity of your tent. I know it can be a hassle at times, but if you take the time to carefully clean and take care of your tent, you will not regret it 10 years later when your tent is still in perfect working order. Before I get into some tips, I would like to point out that they can be used for any size, but only on nylon dome tents. Tents made from canvas require different maintenance methods than the more common nylon.

Setting it Up

When setting up your tent, make sure the area is flat and there are no rocks or branches. The "floor" of most tents is pretty strong, but I have seen sharp rocks and strong branches break through the material. Just take 2 minutes before setting up to clear away the rocks. It is better to be safe than to rip the floor of that brand new tent you just bought the previous weekend.

Taking it Down

Before taking down your tent, go inside with a broom and sweep away all the dust and dirt. You don't want this stuff sitting in there while it's being stored. Over time, dust and dirt can wear away at the tent and make the material weaker. When you are rolling it up, you want to also make sure that there are no leaves or sticks left on the outside. If leaves are left inside the tent over the winter, they can rot and attract bugs. Making sure a tent is kept clean is the best way to prolong its life, so I highly suggest you get very serioTent (39154)us about keeping it clean.

Before Storage

Before you pack the tent away for the winter, take it out one more time and spread it out in the sun for a couple hours. This ensures all the moisture and dampness is gone from the material. Storing a damp or wet tent is a very bad thing because you will get a little surprise when you unpack it the next summer. Mold can effectively destroy a brand new tent if you let it develop. This is the most important tip in this article. Under no circumstances should you store a tent for the winter before letting it dry first. Even if you think it is perfectly dry, spread it out in the sun anyways. It doesn't hurt to be safe.

In conclusion, taking the time to make sure your 6 man dome tent is clean and well cared for will ensure it will accompany you on many outdoor adventures to come.