Learning how to properly care for your teak outdoor furniture is key to adding to its beauty and longevity. The wonderful thing about teak is that unlike other woods, teak is virtually maintenance-free; making caring for your new teak garden bench, teak patio chairs, or teak patio set a breeze! Even when left in its natural state, teak can easily survive the most extreme weather conditions.

When preserving the natural honey tones or if you wish to darken the color of your wood teak sealer is often recommended. Teak sealer is not the same as a varnish, allowing the natural oils to escape, without the annoying bubbling or peeling that is often involved with varnish. Teak sealer is sun block, protecting your wood from harmful UV rays that will slowly start to cause your wood to patina, causing the wood to change from warm honey tones to elegant silver. Teak sealer also contains fungicide; this prevents mildew and mold from forming on the surface of your furniture. Regardless of your furniture age, teak sealers can be applied to your teak furniture after it has been properly cleaned. If your furniture was applied with an ageing varnish, but you find that it is now peeling, it is recommended that you sand the varnish off and then apply either teak sealer or let the teak remain bear.

Applying the preservative to your teak furniture is a simple and straightforward. On your first application, you should allow the wood to receive direct sunlight for at least 14 days to allow the woods grain to open. You should then apply your teak sealer by either spraying directly onto the wood or rubbed into the wood with a rag. Remember to apply this treatment to all surfaces. This process should be repeated at least two times or more. After your first application, it is recommended that teak sealer be reapplied every year following by cleaning the wood with mild soap and water. You will only need to spray and coat areas that are in direct contact with the sun.

After you have finished sealing your furniture, you can sit back and relax. Outside of occasionally washing your furniture with soap and water to remove dirt and grime very little work is needed in keeping your wood remaining a beautiful accessory to your yard and garden.

If you have received teak furniture that has been weathered or have merely fallen behind in the upkeep of your own garden set never fear, what you will need is a base such as lye, and an acid, like phosphoric acid. This is easy to use and is extremely effective. Remember that when using chemicals that it is important to keep children away from the area, as well as wearing safety goggles and rubber gloves to protect your skin from chemical burn.

Using a hose, soak the teak thoroughly. Once this is completed open the applicator lid of the first cleaner. The best approach to this by working on one small area at a time, overlapping each area while working will help keep your cleaner from drying on your wood. Next, use a scrub pad or soft bristle brush to scrub the base. This will cause your wood to turn a rich brown color. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat the process with the acid. This will cause your wood to turn into a much brighter color. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat this process as often as necessary. Your teak furniture will appear vibrant and cleaner.

You will need to re-apply a teak sealer on your wood two weeks after you have completed this process.

Keeping these simple things in mind will help restore, maintain and protect your investment so your teak garden bench and patio remains a beautiful accessory to your home and garden.