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Budgies, also known as Parakeets or Budgerigar, are often kept as pets. There are a number of budgie ailments, budgerigar health problems and budgerigar illnesses that can affect these feathery friends. Budgies, like most birds, are often prey animals and evolution has favoured those that are best at hiding that they are sick. This is a problem for bird owners.


Basic Care for Budgies

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Keep these birds in as large a cage as you can afford or build an aviary. Usually the bottom is lines with paper for easy cleanup. Make sure that there are plenty of perches and you can even put in toys to keep the bird's time occupied. You will also need containers for food and water.


You should consider getting more than one budgie. They are originally from Australia and normally live in flocks, so would be most comfortable with more than one bird.


Budgie Diseases, Ailments and Health Problems


There are some budgerigar illnesses that commonly cause concern for budgie owners. Veterinary medicine has grown considerably in the last 50 or so years and this includes advances in avian medicine, although this branch of veterinary medicine is still behind if compared to what is known in, say, canine health care.


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Dietary Concerns - Often birds are kept on a diet of bird seed. This can lead to certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin A and D and calcium. Bird seed can also cause obesity because of the high levels of fat present. Vitamin A deficiency ill cause stained feathers above the nostrils. Rough-looking feathers can be a sign of general vitamin deficiency. This can be prevented by providing adequate amounts of seeds as well as fresh or cooked fruits and vegetables such as leafy greens, apricots, cantaloupes, carrots, red peppers, pumpkin, sprouted seeds and sweet potatoes.


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Tumors - Birds are not exempt from the chance of developing cancer. The most common types of cancer are lipoma, fibroma and even testicular cancer in males.


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Metabolic Illnesses - Budgerigars are prone to certain metabolic ailments as well, including gout and diabetes.


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Reproductive Problems - Budgies are often raised for breeding and selling. These problems include egg peritonitis and egg-binding.


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Infections - Birds are as susceptible to bacterial infections as other animals and will often need to be treated with antibiotic. Normally it is easiest to treat with injected antibiotics.


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Self-Mutilation and other Stress-Related Disorders - The stress related to being caged can often lead to these disorders. Providing toys and a good environment as well as proper nutrition and care will help to alleviate theses symptoms. Spending time with your bird and playing with it will also go a long way.

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Budgie Vomiting - vomiting in birds is different than in mammals and is often referred to as regurgitation. It can be caused by a wide variety of things such as infectious diseases including bacteria, fungus and even parasites, metabolic diseases, nutriotional causes, toxins, trauma, foreign objects, allergies and even normal behaviour such as courtship rituals. It is most often caused by cancer, drugs and Trichomoniasis, which is a disease caused by a micro-organism called a protozoan.


As you can see, there are many health problems that can affect budgies and the best way to make sure that your bird lives as long as possible with you and your family is to know what budgie diseases to keep an eye out for.