How to care for your jeans


Hello and welcome to my article on how to care for your denim.  If you love wearing your jeans everyday (and who doesn’t) but don’t love always having them fall apart or fade after numerous washes, this guide is for you.  A word of caution, before delving into these steps though, following these steps will make your jeans last longer and thus make them more beautiful since they get better as they age, but some of these steps are considered a bit extreme.  However, when you need to care for your new $200+ premium jeans that are the perfect fit and want them to stay that way, you might want to consider these steps before just throwing them into the harsh cycles of  your washer and dryer.

Storing your jeans

Depending on the style of your jeans, there are different ways to store them. 

If there are no special effects such as the 3D whiskers (folds that already on the jeans that wasn't applied naturally) or the natural folds that you want to preserve, you can just fold them away with the basic fold (seen in all department stores):

  1. Fold them vertically at the crotch,
  2. Then horizontally once,
  3. Then horizontally again.

Here is a tip if you want to save some space and have easy access to your jeans.  Buy a couple of those hanging shoe organizers, hang them in your closet, roll your jeans from the bottom up with the labels showing, then put them into one of the slots.  That way, you can see which jeans are in what slot and just pull them out of the slots to wear.

If there are those folds and creases that you want to preserve, then the best way to store them is to just have the jeans fall to your ankles and let them be.  Simple.  As you keep wearing them and when the folds become more permanent, then you can hang them or fold them and store them however you like.

Washing your jeans

Washing your jeans is simple. Don't.

Denim has a tendency to fade naturally since as we wear them, the outer layer of indigo is constantly being stripped off.  When we let this happen naturally, it will happen on surfaces that are more prone to contact from ourselves or the environment.  What this does is it makes a kind of custom effect that shows the history of its wearer.  Therefore, your jeans becomes a one of a kind that no one else in the world has. 

But since this is an article about caring for your jeans and also washing them when needed, I will list some tips.  

If you want to get rid of odors, you can:

  • sprinkle some baking soda on the jeans, put them inside a zipper bag, then put it in the freezer section of the refridgerator for a day.  Make sure you dust them off before wearing them again.
  •  get a sheet of Bounce or anything similar, cut it in half and put each half inside the pockets.
  • If you have an air purifier that generates O-Zone, you can put your jeans near the machine for a couple of hours as O-Zone will kill all bacteria that causes odors. Beware however, that O-Zone tends to "yellow" denim fabrics.

For hand washing jeans, you can:

  • fill your bathtub with luke warm water and mix with a very mild or neutral washing powder. 
  • Lay your jeans inside the tub flat and let it soak for a couple of hours. 
  • Rinse any soap that is still on the pants and hang dry in a cool area that has access to fresh air. 
  • Always hang your pants by the two belt loops to preserve any folds and wrinkles.  If you cannot hang them, lay them down flat and let dry naturally.

If you absolutely must use the washing machine, always turn them inside out so that you can preserve the color.