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Simple Tips and tricks from teen's to prevent aging

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People often ask me how I keep my skin so beautiful and unblemished.  When I heard myself giving a long list of do's and don'ts I realised that it may be something to share.  Some people often say that it’s your genes, or your DNA, but even if that has a part to play in youthfulness, the beauty industry is a multi million pound industry.  Why is that?  What are they really selling?  Do the anti-aging creams work?  The advertising does make you feel that the new improved eye cream will magically fade those light or deeply embedded crows lines away.  I am sure that many women have a cupboard full of moisturisers and eye creams that promise so much and deliver so little.  Do these consumers demand their hard earned money back?  No, it appears not.  What we do, is go and purchase the next miracle, anti aging busting cream, as we continue to search for the elixir of youthful and beautiful skin.  So the reason for penning my thoughts and to answer the initial question.  How do I keep my skin so unblemished? 

Beautiful and cared for skin

Start a skincare regime early - at the start of menstruation.

* Cleanse, tone and moisturise without fail - daily - Tip! Apply cleansing lotion and remove with the hottest flannel you can manage.  Then using the toner this will cool the skin.  Scientifically your facial muscles have no stimuli.  The hot and cold reason.  Hot will make blood raise in the muscle and the cold takes the blood away.  When the muscle refills, it’s with fresh healthy blood and therefore stimulates the facial muscles.  This gives complete refreshment to those muscles that will not otherwise have any stimuli.  The  orbicularis oculi or eye muscle in layman’s terms are typical of this.  When you look at the eye muscle it’s a very circular band of fibrous muscle around the socket of the eye. 

*  Vitamins - great to take regularly, as it’s also about healthy skin from the inside of your body. Vitamin A, E, both fat soluble vitamins.  Vitamin A for the epidermis and the E is great for the muscles.

* Drink more fluids, especially if you work in an air conditioned office.  Water is better than any other juices or fizzy drinks.  Hydrates the skin much better.

* Always wear a foundation with an SPF of 15.  It does protect your skin from the elements.

* Facial exercises - massage with your fingertips daily.  Gently with your small finger around the   eyes.

*  Wear sun glasses when the sun is shining and keep a light tint pair of glasses in the car when driving even in the winter.

*  Remember less alcohol as this certainly dehydrates the skin

*  Smoking - DON'T do it and if you really must, just purchase one of those old fashioned holders so it keeps away from your face as much as possible.

*  Have your skin assessed at least every 8 - 10 years.  Wood lamps are an excellent way of determining if you have dry, greasy or combination skin.


Beautfiul skin

In relation to the above, one very important factor is your skincare MUST CHANGE as you get older.  Many people are in a rut with their skin care regime.  Please, do not be.  Go to that beauty counter and have a skin analysis done to determine your skin type.  As we get older our skin significantly changes.  Change as in life is a must for your skin to remain glowing and healthy.