Easter Special BeerEvery year this month of penance and repentance ends with a week-long Easter celebration. The week of indulgence when every household and every Christian indulges in food, drinking and making merry. Cookies, eggs bunnies and beer are integral part of any Easter party. Every Easter celebration is incomplete without proper food and barrels of beer. Carlsberg the popular beer brand this year offers a special collection of beer brewed specially to suit your Easter celebration. The most popular Easter beer ‘Chickie-Chickie’ or ‘Kylle-Kylle’ from Tuborg’s Easter brewery is joined by a renovation of another century old Easter Beer from Semper Ardens.

The times have changed and the world has become a cosmopolitan family. Now every individual indulges in every festival and celebration. The world is now a cosmopolitan brotherhood.  Easter is not only the festival of Christian faith now but at present is celebrated worldwide. To reach out to Easter party reveller Beer brands have decided to produce and supply enough that could soak the heart and soul of every reveller. Easter Special Brew and Beers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. However the idea of Exclusive Easter Beer is not new. The first Easter Beer was brewed in 1905 in a Carlsberg brewery to compete with a German beer that was imported every year on Easter ‘to make ends meet’.

Easter Beer: ideal Beer for party

Ulla Nymand, the Carlsberg bookkeeper says, “Several bars in Copenhagen had begun serving a special Salvator or Saviour’s beer from a Munich brewery originally founded by monks.” This particular brew became so popular among beer-drinkers that Carlsberg decided to brew its own Easter beer to take advantage of the demand.

Paske Bryg: A strong tasty Easter Beer

Paske Bryg from Carlsberg was a tasty and strong beer brewed from a large quantity of barley and hops. These were the early Easter Beers. They were produced consistently till 2003 except during the two World Wars when it was difficult obtain barley and hop in such large quantities. Its production was halted in 2003 but now Carlsberg has decided to relaunch and revamp Paske Bryg as Semper Ardens Easter Brew.  The new version of the Paske Bryg is prepared with a fusion of the classic recipe and the modern raw materials by specialist brewmasters.

The Perfect Complement to Easter food

Easter Celebration beer

The 6.5% ABV, Semper Ardens Easter Brew is a dark bock beer with a rich, sweetish taste that comes from the roasted malts and caramel. The Munchener malt and caramel malt lend the Semper Ardens Easter Brew a dark copper brown colour and a white head. The caramel scent and the Spalter hops aroma that are added during the final stages of production, makes it the ideal beer to complement Easter food and feast.

It is a great accompaniment to roasted mushrooms and berry sauce, roasted lamb or pulled pork or even with sausage or pizza. You can try it with the German bratwurst or the Danish Easter Smorgasbord and you won’t be disappointed by the smooth taste that it leaves in your mouth.

P-Day marks the beginning of Easter celebration

carlsberg tuborg easter special beerThe Easter Brew from Tuborg is launched exactly at 20:59 every year in retail stores, to mark the beginning of Easter celebration. The warm serene colour and the warn scent are the signs of spring and a time to celebrate the end of the 30-days of contrition.