Carnival Cruise Paradise(40516)

Sail away on the Carnival Cruise Paradise, a ship that defines Shangri-la.

The answer: The Carnival Cruise Paradise.

The questions:

Are you looking for a unique venue, and way, to host a bachelorette party?

How about a place for that decadent girls' weekend you and your BFFs keep planning?

Have you been dreaming of a romantic, luxurious, and affordable, honeymoon?

Or, what about that special first babymoon?

The answer to all these questions is a sailing aboard the Carnival Cruise Paradise.

What is the Carnival Cruise Paradise?

The Carnival Cruise Paradise is a member of the Fantasy Class of ships. For those who crave numbers, check out her 'numbers,' as provided by the cruising line's website:

Total Staterooms -1,026

Decks - 10

Passenger capacity - 2,052

Total crew - 920

Officer's nationality - Italian

Ship size - Large

Tonnage - 70,367

Ship length - 855

Registry - Panama

She was built as the first completely 'smoke free' ship in their line. Currently, the Carnival Cruise Paradise sails out of Los Angeles, California.

From Los Angeles, the Carnival Cruise Paradise operates two different Baja Mexico itineraries. On the three day Baja Mexico voyage, the Carnival Cruise Paradise visits Ensenada, Mexico, with one sea day. This sailing occurs nearly every month of the calendar year. During the four day sailing, the Carnival Cruise Paradise docks in Catalina Island, California, USA and Ensenada, Mexico, with one sea day. Like the three day trip, this one, too, sails nearly every month.

In November 2011, the Carnival Cruise Paradise will be repositioned to its new home port in Tampa, Florida. From there, it will be embarking on two separate Western Caribbean itineraries: a four day sailing and a five day sailing.

Carnival Cruise Paradise Grand Cayman

On the four day trip, the Carnival Cruise Paradise will anchor in Cozumel, Mexico, with two sea days. The five day run will offer passengers two sea days, with ports of call being Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Party and celebrate on the Carnival Cruise Paradise.

Because the Carnival Cruise Paradise offers short cruises, which also means a lower cost, cruising can be a unique way to party and celebrate with friends, in a group, or with your soulmate. Let's revisit the examples from above.

Bachelorette Parties:

The Carnival Cruise Paradise provides the perfect atmosphere for a bachelorette party. The fare, for a short cruising vacation, aboard the Carnival Cruise Paradise, will include 'all you can eat,' endless, sumptuous cuisine, shipboard entertainment, and there's plenty to see and do, not to mention port(s) stops.

Beware: there's a charge for alcohol, spa services, and if you take a ship sponsored tour, which are excellent values, you'll pay a fee for them as well. Of course, these items you'd pay for at any hotel, resort, or spa.

To get the 'biggest bang for your cruising buck,' have your friends share cabins. Cabins typically hold four people, so the cruising fare can be split four ways. So, for example, on the three day Baja Mexico sailing, with four friends sharing an inside cabin, and depending on the date you sale, that would be about $275.00 per person.

Decadent girls' BFF weekend:

Cruising vessels are like floating spa resorts at sea. And, in my opinion, they offer better amenities with better pricing. Besides, who can resist the allure of the open sea and the sun? Most important, though, if you're planning to really 'party-hardy,' a Carnival Cruise Paradise voyage eliminates the often deadly consequences of drinking and driving.

The Carnival Cruise Paradise will give you and your BFFs yummy food, exciting entertainment, fun in the sun, and so much more. And for that real 'girlfriend' feeling, share a cabin or suite, just like those good old sorority house and/or dorm room days! Whether your BFFs are single or married, working or students, moms or not, a Carnival Cruise Paradise sailing is a wonderful way for your group to reconnect.

A voyage, aboard the Carnival Cruise Paradise, makes a wonderful, and cost effective, honeymoon.

We all know weddings are expensive. Financial experts often say, cut back on the wedding, and save for a first house. I agree with this advice to a certain point. We can argue that a house is a greater investment than a one day wedding. But a wedding is more than just a Vera Wang dress and a country club reception.

A wedding is a sacred event. And, as a sacred event, it's important to celebrate it in a way that's most significant to you and your soulmate. Your goals are the dream wedding and honeymoon, and also, to purchase your first home together. So, if you're trying to spread a little money a long way, then a cruising honeymoon, aboard the Carnival Cruise Paradise, might be the answer. Because so much is included in your cruising fare, these short cruises give you a luxurious, carefree honeymoon without a big price tag.

Honey, we're expecting…

Before your 'little bundle of joy' arrives, whisk her away for a few days aboard the Carnival Cruise Paradise. Take her away for a little me time, and a little couple time, before the little one arrives.

If you already have children, and she, you, or both of you don't want to leave them behind, then invite the grandparents, and make a family party out of it. One of the advantages of cruising is it allows for family time and couple time, due to the wonderful children's programs onboard. So, enjoy the days with the family, and then savor the nights with each other. A moonlit stroll on Lido, under the stars-nothing could be more romantic. Everyone's a winner: the family gets time all together, you and your soulmate enjoy time together, and the grandparents, who may live a distance away, get precious time with their grandkids.

Calling all adventurers…

If you have the time and the funds, 'repositioning cruises' are well worth your time and money. At certain times of the year, due to season changes or simply schedule changes, cruising companies move, or relocate, a vessel(s) to a new port(s). These types of cruises are called 'repositioning cruises.' Typically, you get a good deal, as well as unique ports of call, on these sailing vacations.

In November 2011, the Carnival Cruise Paradise will be repositioned from Los Angeles, California to Tampa, Florida. The following is a sample itinerary of the Carnival Cruise Paradise Los Angeles to Tampa voyage:

Los Angeles to Tampa (14 Days)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Panama Canal Transit

Cartagena, Colombia

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

(7) Sea Days

As you can see, you sail through the Panama Canal-how exciting. I've been through part of the Panama Canal, while visiting Panama, but I've never had the luxury and pleasure of sailing completely through it. I've heard, from other travelers, that it's magnificent and a not to be missed experience.

Hope to see you soon, as a fellow passenger, on the Carnival Cruise Paradise.

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