If you work at a job the requires you to grip,punching keys,playing a musical instrument you could be at risk for carpal
tunnel syndrome or CTS. Any type of work that involves heavy work with you hands can cause this ailment. Some of
the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are tingling,pain,and aching of the fingers and wrists. Shaking out the hand
and wrist after you feel discomfort will help relieve the CTS. The carpal tunnel is a area that runs through the wrist and
can get irritated and swollen from repetitive movements. The most common causes of CTS are strong repetitive
movements of the hand in a bent position. This will irritate the tendons and cause them to swell.

The key to beating this problem is prevention.If you are experiencing some minor CTS problems you need to change what you are doing before the condition worsens.Simple stretching exercise can help. Make sure to stop and relax your wrist area as much as you can.Stretch your wrists back and forth and shake them out. When you sleep at night do not put your wrist in a bent position under your pillow or head. Another problem is weight is can compress the median nerve in the wrist so try and loose some weight. If you are working and your wrists are becoming fatigue take a break to rest them. Just 1 or 2 minutes will help your tendons in the wrist relax and make sure you keep your wrists in a comfortable natural position as much as possible.

If you are typing on a key board it is important the it is in the proper position. You don't want to reach or strain or bend your wrists. It should be at elbow height or just below. If you have to grip or open something do it properly. Use the palm of your hand and not just your fingers. You can also give your dominant hand a break and use the other hand to remove lids and open something. If you have to use vibrating tools in your work it is essential to take breaks. If you can use the tool at the lowest possible speed. You can look for tools that are wrist friendly such as padded mouse pads and tools with bent grips and handles.

Ice can reduce the swelling of carpal tunnel syndrome but heat can cause the area to swell and create more pain in the wrists. You can also get a wrist splint that can be prescribed by a doctor if you suffer from severe CTS. For minor pain you can take aspirin or ibuprofen to decrease the inflammation. One exercise you can do is squeeze a rubber ball tightly 10 times and then relax and stretch your hand. You can also use a light weight and do a palm up curl and palm down curls. Make sure to do these with less the 2 pounds and very slowly to strengthen the wrists.