If you've still the little amount of rugs, you should learn how to clean them on a regular basis. Even though you could often take away the stains with the rug cleaner, scrubber and warm water, this technique isn't recommended for the entire rug. The rental units of professional rug cleaner are bulky, heavy and hard to use sometimes and the prices could sum up. However with the house steam rug cleaner you could clean the rugs at your convenience.


For household use, you can consider good steam carpet cleaners and portable, smaller or hand-held steam cleaners which are more suitable to remove stains, besides the general rug cleaning there are as well smaller cleaners. This is not made for cleaning rugs, however instead for some other applications around the home improvement designs.

Hot tap water spray vs. steam cleaner

While almost cleaning units are known as 'steam' cleaners, just few units really hot up the rug to generate the steam once water is put on; most simply utilize the hot tap water in rug cleaning process. Heating up to produce steam is the best feature to get, and generally outcomes in the more effective rug cleaning. However still units without the heated up feature could do well and hand over the clean rug, depending upon the status of rug and design of unit.


Many factors could determine the performance feature: heated cleaning, power, suction, whether the spray is controlled or auto-released, the brushed design and activating, one or more water tank. However the most important factor is brush design, spray and powerful suction. The lightweight simple unit may clean enough, however the lack of qualities and design may not be as handy as the bigger full-featured unit. The 12-amp motor is equal to the best vacuum cleaner and typically enough for rug cleaning.

Quality of accessories that matter a lot

The rotating brush is the powered home improvement tools and it is highly convenient to clean stains or upholstery, stairs or car interiors. The length of hosepipe for hand tool and the electric cord for cleaner are as well remarkable. Naturally, the best suction is great to take away most of dirty solution and water.

If your requirements are little

If you've only few entrance runners and mats, besides paying off for the full-featured carpet cleaners which perhaps tough to store and handle, you might need to look at the lightweight, more inexpensive unit with enough qualities to satisfy the needs. And if the spot rug cleaner is the one all you need for taking away spills from mats, upholstery, rugs or car seats, consider the hand-held steam cleaner instead of the big rug cleaner.