Carpet cleaning prices may seem high but it is cheaper to clean the carpet than it is to replace it. The amount it costs to clean a carpet may vary depending on a variety of factors. The size of the home is the main factor that will decide how much the homeowner will pay for carpet cleaning. The shape of the rooms could add to the carpet cleaning prices. If the carpet is in rough shape, it will cost more to clean. Stains and odors will add to the carpet cleaning prices. Added services such as upholstery cleaning will add extra charges to the bill. Each of the items that affect the price of a carpet cleaning is listed in more detail below:

Size of the Area

Cleaning companies will charge per square feet, however, the smaller the room – the more you will pay for carpet cleaning prices. It is not worthwhile for cleaning companies to clean houses that are less than a thousand square feet. They spend the same amount of gas and time driving to a four thousand square foot home as they do a four hundred square foot home. Any home that is less than a thousand square feet will be charged almost double the price for a square foot. As of 2010, most people can expect to pay thirty cents per square foot or three hundred dollars for every one thousand square feet.

Shape of Area

Rooms with an awkward shape may cost more. The carpet cleaning company has a harder time cleaning tight spaces and it will take them more time. Stairs are another area that will be charged more. As much as $2-3 per stair could be added on to the carpet cleaning prices. Narrow hallways, closets and dormers will raise the price. Walk through the home and note any of these tight places. If they are out of the way with no stains, the homeowner may opt to not have them cleaned. This will save some money off carpet cleaning prices.

Condition of the Carpet

The condition of the carpet influences the carpet cleaning prices. Most companies will charge an extra 10 cents per square foot for stain removal. Some companies will charge more than 10 cents per square foot. Carpets with ground in dirt take a lot longer to clean and the cleaning companies will add this into the total price.

Amount of Furniture

Cleaning companies will remove the furniture from the room for free depending on the amount of furniture and the size of furniture. If there is a lot of furniture, they may add a fee. If the furniture is heavy, such as a large couch or a heavy piano, fees will also be added. The best way to avoid these fees is to move the furniture out of the room before the cleaning company arrives. It will also save the company time as they will be able to get started cleaning the carpet right away.

Add-On Services

There are tons of extra services that can be added on to the total carpet cleaning bill. A stain protector can be sprayed on to the carpet for an extra charge. If the carpet smells, a deodorizer may be added to reduce the smell but it may enlarge the bill. Most companies will clean rugs for an extra fee. Furniture cleaning costs quite a bit more but may be worth it to do it at the same time as the carpet. Other extra charges may be added for hardwood floor cleaning, air duct cleaning or drape cleaning.

There are many things a homeowner can do to reduce their carpet cleaning prices. If the homeowner needs their furniture or draperies cleaned, they can ask for a discount to do it at the same time as the carpet cleaning. When the homeowner is scheduling a cleaning, they may get a discount if they schedule more than one carpet cleaning at a time. Many carpet companies will list their current promotions on their website. Carpet cleaning prices are negotiable so ask if they can give a lower price if the price quoted seems high. Removing the furniture from the room before the carpet company arrives may also lower the price. Shop around and get price quotes from many companies. Most carpet cleaning companies will offer a price quote right on their website.

For those who find out that they cannot afford to carpet cleaning prices, it is possible to clean the carpet yourself. A carpet cleaning machine can be rented from a hardware store, grocery store or retail store for around twenty to thirty dollars. The cleaning solution costs about ten dollars and stain remover costs five dollars. It is a lot of work to clean carpets but it is far cheaper than paying a professional carpet cleaning company. It will take a few hours to clean the carpet. Most carpet will take a day or two to dry enough to walk on it. Carpets should be cleaned twice a year; however, some carpets are well used and need to be cleaned once per month. If this is the case, it is a good idea to purchase a deep clean carpet cleaner. They cost around a hundred dollars and work just as good as or even better than the machines that can be rented. It will save a lot of money and the carpets can be cleaned anytime they look dirty.

Proper care and maintenance of carpets can keep them looking good and will reduce carpet cleaning prices. Always clean up any spill immediately. When cleaning stains, make sure the cleaning solution is completely extracted from the carpet. The cleaning solution will attract dirt if it is left in the carpet. Wear slippers around the house and ask guests to remove shoes at the door before coming into the house. Doing a few simple things will ensure that you will pay low carpet cleaning prices.

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