You just moved and now you are desperately looking for a carpet cleaning service Atlanta. Now, initially you may be tempted to just pick up the yellow pages and look for a cleaning service but the problem there is that you won't be able to judge how good the company is. That is why it pays to make nice with the neighbors as soon as possible.

Your neighbors can provide extremely invaluable information on finding a carpet cleaning service Atlanta and on any other services you may need. The important part is that they will most likely be recommending a service they have used and were pleased with rather than something they picked out of the yellow pages. It's so easy for a company that is unprofessional to ruin your carpet. All they have to do is forget the steamer for too long on a section of your carpet and then you will find a big patch that is either much brighter or even faded because the color has seeped out.

You can't rely on just a simple yellow pages ad because all you need is a carpet cleaning service Atlanta that offers low pay and has a high ratio of personnel rotation. One cleaner who doesn't know which chemicals they should use or for how long they should leave them on your carpet and suddenly you end up with a hole instead of a clean carpet.

You can also use the internet to research as there are some sites where people offer legitimate reviews of a company's services, but you also have to be weary because not all positive reviews are true. One good way to uncover the truth on the internet about a good carpet cleaning service Atlanta is through forums.

Look for forums that cater to your local area and ask people to recommend a carpet cleaning service Atlanta that they had a good experience with. This way you will have a wide range of companies to choose from that you are more likely to have a good experience with. The next criteria can be down to price or speed, in other words who is cheaper or who can do the job faster.

Once you have had your carpet cleaned, if you were happy with the results make sure to keep the contact information of the carpet cleaning service Atlanta. You don't want to have to do all that research again every time you need your carpet cleaned.