Looking for carpet stain removal tips ? I take it you have dirtied your carpet then! Fear not, the vast majority of stains can be removed with a little know how. Carpets are great, I love them. They keep your feet warm and dress a room nicely. Thing is, they are in a prime position to get dirty. From food stains to pet stains to lipstick marks their life is rough. First off, if your carpet came with cleaning recommendation from the manufacturer, follow them. Certain carpets depending on their material may need special care.

Because giving carpet stain removal tips for all the types of stains in the world is impossible, we will give you here the process on how to remove a carpet stain. This works in all situations, whatever the nature of the stain.

First, remove all solid pieces you can. Whatever it is, may it be food, glass, vomit (yuk!) begin by picking up all the solid elements you can. The last thing you want is rub some of them into the carpet, further ruining it. Once the area has been cleared of all debris, the cleaning process per se can begin. Blot the stain with a dry cloth, if you don't have any, kitchen towel can do the trick. You'd be surprised how much this step can help in the carpet stain removal process. Blot it, blot it and blot it again until nothing transfers onto the cloth or paper towel anymore.

Hundred million dollars tip here: spot test your cleaning agent! Before applying your cleaning liquid to the carpet always test it first on a small are of your carpet and look for any adverse reaction, like discoloration. This may seem common sense but believe me, I have seen many a carpet ruined when attempting to clean it because people had overlooked this step.

Now put some of the cleaning agent on the stop and blot. This is very important I said blot not rub. Never rub a stain to try to get it out. This will only push the stain further into the fibers. Instead blot until the stain disappears then pour some water over the spot where the stain was and blot again (I wouldn't hold it against you if you are sick to blot at this point). That's pretty much it, you have the general, professional way of removing carpet stains. I hope those carpet stain removal tips will be useful to you, I know for a fact it will help some of you not damage your carpet further!