Everyone does it, the dreaded spill onto the brand new carpet this is when people will break out the very handy stain removers; for example Resolve carpet cleaner to clean that mess right up. Resolve is a highly regarding company producing numerous carpet cleaning products and if you read reviews online this is the carpet stain remover you need when those accidental spills occur.
If you look around online the prices will vary from store to store and if you hit lucky you may come across a special offer that is available from time to time.

Now for some people they have had bad experiences with Resolve carpet cleaner and gone on to find one of the many other carpet cleaning products that works for them, for example another highly regarded stain remover is Spot Shot.

Now a lot of these carpet stain removers will require trial runs, some will work and clear the stain after one application, others may need to applied multiple times to be effective. This will continue until you find the product that produces the best results for you.

These spot stain removers are far more convenient to quickly and effectively tackle carpet stains rather than have to use a carpet shampooer every time you have a spill.

Stains from accidental spills are just one of the problems you will encounter with your carpets. If you have pets then you could very well looking to clean up their urine from your carpet. But it's not just the stain you need to clean up but the smell, which can be awful. There are many products available that clean up the stain and tackle the smell Resolve carpet cleaner and Spot Shot receiving positive reviews.
If you do have a pet in your house, over time your carpet can develop a not so nice smell so it's recommended you give your carpets a proper clean with a carpet shampooer and a good carpet shampoo solution, at least a couple times a year.

Then you have the carpet repair jobs that you may very well need to call in the professionals, things like burns, tears, bleach stains etc.
You can attempt to fix these problems, if you look on the internet videos sites there are people showing detailed guides to fixing your carpet. However these are usually professionals who have fixed these problems many times and the chances of you reproducing what they did first time isn't very good.
If you do attempt to fix it and fail to get the desired results, then just give a carpet repair professional a call and I'm sure they can fix it right up for you.