Any construction plan whether it be a house, garage or carport needs to be planned thoroughly to avoid any unforeseen or expensive mistakes and will pay dividends in the future. There a few things to consider before embarking on your project. Any failure to plan will often meet with disastrous results or, at best, a carport that feels to meet its requirements or goes way over budget.

Initially it is important to obtain some plans for your carport. You can either design and plan the building yourself or it is possible to buy a packages of pre-designed architectural plans. These can be found online and in home improvement stores. Other alternatives are employing a builder to draw up plans and build the project or buy a pre-fabricated carport kit which is very cost effective and relatively simple to build.

In order to choose the correct design you will need to first have a good think about what the carport will be used for. Not everybody uses one just to park their car under. They can be used as a sheltered area for children to play under and as a store for tools,bikes and gardening equipment. Knowing this will help you decide whether it will need walls to enclose it or whether it can be left open. If you live in an area subject to severe weather or snow you will probably want to enclose it with walls.

The position in relation to the house is a factor to consider. If it is built next to the house it can share a common wall which will reduce the cost. Some carports may detract from the appearance of the house so it is quite feasible to build it behind the house out of view.

The next step is to look at local building regulations and requirements. You will need to make yourself familiar with any local building codes and first ascertain whether in fact you are allowed to construct a carport on your property. Communities with many historic buildings will often put restrictions on building these type of add ons to your house. Any applications for planning permission will usually cost money and take time.

There are a number of materials from which to build a carport. Most prefabricated kits are made out of steel which helps considerably in their speed of build. You may want to use the same materials from which your house is built whether it be bricks and mortar or wood. Whatever you choose will affect the cost of build and the time it takes to put up the building. The material for the roof is also important. Again it can be chosen to match the house or it can be made out of steel or plastic. Most people opt for a single slope roof rather than a gable roof as they are cheaper and quicker to put on.

When embarking on a construction process it is important to consider the factors mentioned above. Careful planning and consideration of the variables and options are key to a successful outcome. Taking these into account will increase the chances of building a carport that serves its purpose, comes in on budget and may actually increase the value of your property.