This article is about carrageen moss or Chondrus crispus. This happy little seaweed is a remarkable remedy for the common cold or flu and I am going to share a simple recipe for making it into a powerful cold and cough relief.

What is it?

Carrageen is a seaweed commonly associated with Ireland, this seaweed will form a jelly when boiled and this is important because it enables it to be drunk. Knowledge of Carrageen moss has spread all over the globe, partly for its use as thickening agent in foodstuffs but also partly because the remedy for colds, cough and chest infections actually does work.



 Where can you get it?

You can cut it off the coast of Ireland, or barring that you might get it at your local health food shop or online.

 Why is it good for a cold?

Carrageen moss is high in vitamins A and B12, minerals including iodine and sulphur. It also acts as an antiseptic, a blood thinner, an expectorant and an antiviral which will help get rid of phlegm.

 Drink recipe and dosage

  • Soak the Carrageen moss for around an hour in water to rehydrate it, wash it under the cold tap and remove any roots
  • Boil it up with around half a litre of water
  • Let it simmer for half an hour or until much of the substance has mixed with the water. You can add the juice of a lemon at the simmer stage if you wish.
  • Strain the juice and place into a separate jug; pour some out into a glass with more lemon juice if you wish and more importantly honey.

 The lemon and honey are beneficial on their own merits for coughs and colds. Drink a glass three times a day and especially before going to bed.

 Note: when the mixture cools it forms a jelly, this can be reheated.

 And that is it, if you have a cough or cold, especially if you fee one coming on, please try this.