Carrier is famous all over the world for its air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration. It also makes the best furnaces that are available in the market. While it is very efficient and made of high quality materials and parts it is essential to ensure proper repair & maintenance of the furnaces.

The beginning of fall is the ideal time for taking care of carrier furnace repair and maintenance activities. Once fall is over it will be very cold and you will be delayed in your maintenance. Carrier is a customer friendly company and during the fall most of the dealers will offer special rates and incentives for repairs and checks carried out on your machine. Making sure that timely repair and maintenance is carried out will ensure longevity of your furnace and also bring down your electricity bills.

There are some important points pertaining to your furnace that you can take care of by yourself:

Check your furnace so that it comes on and switches of buyer the thermostat. This can be done by setting it to temperature that is higher than the temperature indoors and leaving it on heating mode.

Use your hands to check the temperature of the supply and see whether they feel warm or not.

Clean your thermostat and make sure that it is leveled properly in order to function smoothly.

All the wiring and electricals should be thoroughly checked for any burns or loose nuts.

In case you have a gas or oil furnace make sure that the filter is absolutely clean.

Check the rust and any gaps between the parts which need to be fixed.

The air intake needs to be thoroughly inspected according to the instructions in the manual. In case of any assistance that is needed, you can call for the carrier professional.

In case you call in a carrier expert - First and foremost he will check the unit thoroughly and the support that is installed on to check for any fault. He will then switch on the system and see whether it is running smoothly on not. He will carry out a thorough inspection of all gas passages, ignition system, vents, combustion area and the burner assembly.

He'll also check all gas or oil connections along with the valves and the individual connections as well. If the lubrication of moving parts needs to be carried out he will do the same and also check for any leaks of blocks and any issues that might be there. Lastly he will check the filters and replaced them clean them as necessary.

Carrier has a special team which takes care of repairs and maintenance of carrier products. They repaired furnaces and heaters and also tune air-conditioning in addition to installing new equipment. They are available all days of the week including holidays and weekends on a 24-hour basis. Any time you need them you just have to call the carrier dealer and person will be available at your doorstep.

They will also give you the best advice on whether repair will be the best solution for your problem you need to replace your furnace. At the same time they will use their excellent technical skills and carry out all necessary repairs and maintenance tasks which will ensure that your furnace is in top condition.

You will be able to find the carrier dealer in your city from the information provided in the manual or by searching online. Being a large and established company, Carrier has dealers in all large cities who can cater to your needs.