How to make carrot pancakes

An original cocktail bite

One never really knows what to do when unexpected guests arrive, but here is a recipe which includes ingredients that are normally stored in your pantry and so preparing it should be easy and quick.  This is a recipe that can also be used as a TV supper, but if it is prepared for unexpected guests you will be sure to get lots of praise for its originality.

And it is also delicious as a tasty bite to be offered on a dish in a cocktail party.

Serving the appropriate food at a cocktail party can be tricky at times due to the following problems:

- If you serve something like a vol-au-vent, while it may be delicious, when a guest bites into it half of the filling (usually of bechamel) seems to ooze out at the side of ones mouth - very embarrassing.

- a multi layered sandwich of let's say salmon, cheese and cucumber because one has to use both hands in order to keep all the ingredients within the sandwich in place, and when at a cocktail party one usually has a drink in one hand and so eating is more comfortable if only one hand has to be used.

But these pancakes are firm enough to be held in the hand and only have to be dipped into the accompanying sauce in order to savour the originality of this dish.  You can bite into them and leave the rest intact, they wont break up and so one doesn't have to worry about spillage onto ladies' dresses  or problems of how to eat the titbit in one go in order to avoid half of it sprouting out from one's mouth as one does when eating for example a largish vol-au-vent!!

Carrot pancakes with Quark Cheese and Herbs

4 servings

 For the pancakescarrot pancakes

2 onions

400 g of carrots

150 g of potatoes

50 g of wheat flour

40 g of grated Gruyère cheese

30 g of pumpkin seeds

2 eggs, salt and pepper

1/4 spoonful of ground coriander

1/2 teaspoonful of curry

3 teaspoonfuls of clarified butter or ghee


For the sauce:

250 g of quark cheese

150 g of yoghurt

1/2 teaspoonful of mustard

1/4 of teaspoonful of paprika, salt

1 pinch of ground cayenne

6 teaspoonfuls of freshly cut herbs (parsley, chives, pimpernel, citronella, watercress) 

Time of preparation:

30 minutes

(not including cooking time)

327 calories per serving


1. Peel and slice the onions. Peel the carrots and finely grate them. Do the same with the potatoes. 

2. Mix together the onions, carrots and the potatoes with the cornflour, the freshly grated Gruyère cheese, the crushed pumpkin seeds, and the eggs. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, ground coriander and curry powder. Form small round pancake shapes with your fingers (or use a mould) and fry them in the clarified butter until they look crispy and golden. 

3. To do the sauce, mix together the quark cheese, yoghurt, mustard, paprika, ground cayenne, salt and the freshly cut herbs. Serve the pancakes with the sauce on the side of the plate.