Suffering from motion sickness or other illnesses is never enjoyable. But now you can mitigate the unpleasant effects of vomiting by carrying disposable barf bags with you at all times. This novel solution works well under a variety of circumstances.  Quality barf bags offer a number of advantages including safety, strength and discreetness.

Disposable vomi bags


Vomiting frequently accompanies illness. This uncontrollable physical reaction often does not allow enough time to find an appropriate location for vomiting. The noxious odor that accompanies emesis spreads quickly and easily through the air, making others uncomfortable.  For these reasons, it is crucial to be well prepared for these unexpected instances and avoid any unpleasant or awkward event.


A frequently cited advantage of using such instruments is that the device limits the area affected by a vomiting episode. Many people suffer from motion sickness, especially on long trips. One of the first indications of motion sickness is a stomach ache, frequently followed by the urge to vomit. Whether traveling by boat, train, automobile or airplane, a barf bag is the perfect solution for containing and storing vomit, particularly when a bathroom is unavailable or inaccessible.

Material and Construction

The transportation industry is not the only industry to use barf bags. Healthcare clinics, schools and emergency facilities also use them. Medical grade barf bags are constructed of strong, leak proof, high density polyethylene that easily contains contents until disposal. To prevent leakage,  their bottom is sealed to eliminate spills. In contrast, the top of the bag is wide open to permit easy access to the bag.

Barf bags


After use, the bag is secured with tape or twist tied to prevent leakage. Both closure styles facilitate content storage until proper disposal is feasible. Another desirable feature is the ability to write on them. This feature is particularly beneficial in healthcare settings where personnel may need to test the contents for identifying the problem leading to vomiting. The portable bags are available in packages of 50 or cases of 1000 over the Internet.