Clean Water While Backpacking

If you love backpacking, or camping in the woods, then you know how important drinking water and good quality food is. The problem is, that carrying it can get very heavy. It takes up a lot of room in the backpack, so using a portable filters, or portable water purification systems is a good way to go. You need a lot more fluids while exercising such as backpacking and a lot of high energy snacks and meals.

If you know your route, or you have mapped out where you will be camping and stopping for the nights, then you should find water sources, such as the lakes and rivers. If you are carrying a portable purification system, then you can take it from the river or the lake, and turn it into pure drinking water.

This way you can save a lot of the room in your backpack for your food. If you love to hike for a day or a week, then even food can get very heavy. You can purchase dehydrated food pouches from the outdoor supply stores, that only need fluids added to them to be edible. So, by having portable filters, you can not only have good drinking water, but also add it to your foods. Don't depend on just boiling it, (assuming you have a way to do that). Clean it first, then boil it for your food or beverages.

This way you can travel light. There are many different filters on the market. Some are bigger and bulkier than others. It all depends on how many people you will need to supply for, and who will be carrying it.

 A Katadyn portable water filter works with "silver-impregnated ceramic element, which is totally effective against bacteria and protozoa". Katadyn makes a pocket version that can produce 1 quart per minute, but it is easy to carry as it measures 2.4 x 10 inches, and has a carrying case. This works well for a few people in a group. You can get larger ones, but weight is always a concern when you are backpacking. This is the perfect size for the side of your backpack. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter.

Katadyn Water Microfilter(41369)

 If you are new to backpacking, and come upon what looks like a pristine and clean stream, you still need to use portable  filters to clean it before using it for drinking or cooking. As clean as it looks it can still be full of bacteria from animals and natural substances. 

The last thing you want, is an intestinal disorder while on a backpacking expedition! Not only do you feel bad, you can get dehydrated quickly, this is a dangerous situation. So, don't take chances with drinking water. Boiling it, may not be enough. You can get many versions of portable water filters. Many have replaceable filters. The portable lightweight Katadyn has a ceramic element that can be cleaned over and over.

So, if you have a trail in mind, and you know there is water along the way, then consider getting a good quality Portable water Purification system that works for you. Along with good nutritional snacks and meals. You can get high energy dehydrated meals at outdoor stores or online as well as water filters.

Technology has made backpacking or camping in the outback, a lot more comfortable. There are many cool gadgets you can get that are no longer heavy, and can keep you safe. Don't take chances with drinking water. You don't want to be sick while on your hiking trip.

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