With the current economic climate, there are many Americans who are in the market to purchase a new vehicle at an alarmingly discounted rate. While the price tags on many luxury and standard vehicles may look appealing, it's also important to review these potential purchases against lemon law cases. Here are five cars most commonly involved in lemon law cases.

Lexus Car Troubles

According to various lemon law reports, the luxury brand Lexus is a repeat offender. Many consumer complains include problems with front passenger power seat capabilities, driver's side air bag deployment, seat belt tension, accelerator pedal becoming temporarily stuck under the carpeting floor mat, headlights and lamps, fuel systems and exterior lighting. These problems exist over a number of models in years and makes.

Land Rover Range Rover Suspension and Steering Issues

Many drivers view the Land Rover Range Rover as a luxury SUV, along as one of the safest and most versatile vehicles on the road. The Range Rover is powered by 282 hp, 4.4 liter V8 engine along with a five-speed automatic transmission. Along the lines of passenger safety, the Range Rover offers emergency brake assist, skid-correcting dynamic stability control and electronic brake-force distribution. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), common problems of the Land Rover Range Rover include failures of air suspension, steering column issues, problems with auto gearbox, transmission problems and stalling problems. Other common consumer complaints include stalling and parking brake issues.

Mercury Lemon Cars

Mercury is another top offender when it comes to faulty vehicles. For example, in recent years, the Mercury Sable has had many complaints, ranging from faulty seats, engine and cooling systems on certain vehicles with air filters that can smolder or burn, faulty windshields, malfunctioning stop lamp switches and wiring, recalled seat belts and even problems with the power train automatic transmission. Problems have risen with the Mercury Sable from models from 1986 through 2004.

Cadillac Fuel Filter Issues

Cadillac is also on the top of the list of repeat offenders with their vehicles and have been reportedly involved in a number of California lemon law cases. The Cadillac Allante had a particularly dangerous fault to its design when certain replacement fuel filters were sold for use on this vehicle and certain school busses. The connector on the fuel filter was not manufactured to certain specifications, and as a result, the O-ring may not have been seated correctly on the fuel line. This condition may have been able to cause an inadequate seal at the connection, which could have potentially leaded to a fuel leak. In the presence of an ignition source, a fire could have occurred. This same issue arose in other models, including the Cimarron, Deville and El Dorado.

Ford Paint Defects

In the 2000 through 2005 models, Ford issued a Technical Service Bulletin that showed a major paint defect in large Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars, trucks and SUVs that used aluminum body parts, which resulted in a reduction of vehicle weight. Affected models are the 2000-2004 Crown Victoria, Taurus, Expedition, F-150, Ranger; Mercury Grand Marquis, Sable; Lincoln LS, Town Car Navigator and the 2000-2005 Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer. The bulletin stated a bubbling or blistering under the paint on the aluminum parts due to iron contamination on the aluminum panel.