If you are in the market for a good quality time piece, then you should consider the line of Cartier Tank Watches. These are of the highest quality, and with the sleek lines and styling, you can not go wrong if you were thinking of purchasing one for a gift. Or even a gift to yourself. These are an investment and hold their value well.

No matter what you are wearing that day, this model will upgrade any outfit to "luxurious". You will feel like a million bucks. Even in this digital age, the love of the watch has not faded, and the Cartier brand is well known.


As with any high quality product, you are not going to get them for cheap. These pieces can sell for 3000.00 dollars and up. Sometimes you can get a deal, but make sure it is an authenticcartier tank watch piece. It will all depend on if you have gem stones in your model, as these will alter the prices too.



These beautiful watches were created in 1847 in Paris. The first wrist watch for a mans wrist was created in 1904 and the Cartier Tank was created in 1917. This style has lasted all these years, and is still going strong. It gets it name "Tank" from the shape of the face.

Louis Cartier designed this time piece after the tanks of World War I, with that rectangle shape, and industrial look. The strap was also part of the design, to look similar to the tank tracks. These uniquely designed time pieces are designed with gold or silver hues, and you can also get the straps in leather if you don't like the track look.

Many of these well designed and well loved Louis Cartier watches have diamonds and other gemstones embedded to make this the perfect piece of jewelry as well as great time piece. This is their signature model. So if you are looking for one that keeps perfect time, and only want to buy it once, then you should consider investing in this amazing time piece.

Stainless Steel or Gold

These time pieces are designed to last a lifetime, and therefore are created with stainless steel or gold which gives them durability. The inside workings are of top quality, and you will always have accurate time. You can also get the models that wind automatically.


Cartier Women's W51008Q3 Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch
Amazon Price: $4,100.00 $3,560.61 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 31, 2013)


If you like to shop online, then you can check out Amazon and compare prices and models of the Watches. This is a great way to compare prices. Amazon has good shipping policies, and offers insured postage. Watches such as Cartier Women's W51008Q3 Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch can be found there.


You can shop for these pieces on Ebay, but make sure you research the sellers credibility with their feedback number, and pay with paypal, this will give you insurance against any fraudulent sellers.

Cartier Site

You can also go right to the main site, and get more history and see all their designs and a online catalogue. Most of the time pieces on the site are over 5,000.00.


When purchasing online, you will find that not all sites are set up to take credit cards directly, therefore signing up for a paypal account is a great way to shop online. You can get your credit card attached to your paypal, so that any purchases, such as this model will still end up on your credit card if you prefer that way of payment. But Paypal will also let you pay with debit from your bank account. Paypal just makes shopping online that much easier, and gives you some protection.

Now go shopping.