Halloween is a holiday that let's your inner kid come out to play once a year, and no one will judge you for what you wear. After all, it is Halloween and everyone does it. If you really want to get in touch with your inner child, then grab those DVDs and watch those cartoons you haven't had a chance to see in ages, all the while doing a little research on what couple's costumes you can wear this Halloween.

If you've always loved feature-length cartoons, and have often dreamed of what it would be like to impersonate your favourite heroine, the time has come to make your dream a reality. There are a wide range of couple's costumes available of famous cartoon characters for adults, and with one flick of the wand you can become the princess you know yourself to truly be. Well, at least you imagine yourself to be when you daydream while doing another load of dirty laundry and wonder for the hundredth time what you did to deserve having to wash all those smelly socks. At least you have a bargaining chip when your partner flat out refuses to dress the part of Aladdin so he can complement your beautiful Princess Jasmine outfit. Just inform him that he can wash his own smelly socks from now on, and watch with glee as he becomes putty in your hands.

Homer and Marge Simpson CostumeThen again, you could always choose another famous and much-loved cartoon couple, namely Fiona and Shrek. The good bit is that he's the only one who has to play the ogre, since you will be taking on the role of the beautiful Princess Fiona, before her skin color matched her green dress. You may want to take some martial arts lessons beforehand, just so you can be true to the character. If you find a talking cat wearing red boots, a hat and brandishing a sword, you have two options. The first is to take him along with you to complete the tableau, and the second, which is highly recommended, is to take a closer look at what was in that glass you just knocked back. It certainly wasn't water, and if it was, maybe you need a specialist.

If you want to reminisce of days gone by, and the wonderful cartoons of old that you always enjoyed so much, then do it with a twist and go for Donald and Daisy Duck costumes. You're sure to have a blast and you will honestly be able to say that you can't understand a word your partner is saying, since the Donald Duck voice is an absolutely compulsory accessory. Get him signed up for classes now, so he has time to practice.

Then there is everyone's favourite couple, Homer and Marge Simpson from The Simpsons. This one is a great way of sending your partner a subtle message, if he is a constant nag and all around pain. There's nothing like putting a big, bright yellow mask on someone to make a point. Of course, if he is anything like Homer he may not get the hint, even if it's delivered with the use of a baseball bat.

One thing is for sure, whichever cartoon couple's costumes you pick out, you'll definitely feel on top of the world, just like you did as a child when life was so much simpler. All you have to do is give your imagination wings so you can reach the stars.