One of the most enjoyable things that we can do with a picture of yourself is that of turning it into a cartoon image. I do not know of anyone who, at some point in their lives, did not love watching cartoons. Cartoons are so adorable and lovely because they have that special power and ability to bring us back to that time when we thought that anything was possible. Seeing our favorite cartoons do all those impossible things on the television, we were made to believe that anything was really possible. This feeling of endless possibility is what makes cartoons so special. And of course, one of the ways in which we could experience the power of cartoons is that of using an image to cartoon yourself.

With the recent advancements in technology, it is now easier to do this art. Before, making a cartoon version of yourself would have to mean going to an artist, and asking him to make a caricature version of yourself. While this is also a great way to do this art, it took a really long time for an image to be finished because each cartoon would have to be hand drawn individually. Nowadays, all it takes is a few software programs, and you're all set. There are a number of ways to learn how to cartoon yourself for free, and they are outlined below:

1.) Free Photoshop Tutorials
There are a lot of great photoshop guides available nowadays which could really be helpful if you want to do this art. Aside from being really easy to understand, most of them are available for free. Along with these tutorials are a number of photoshop classes and photoshop courses that would really sharpen your skills. Free photoshop tutorials are great ways to start on your path towards mastery of the cartooning art, as well as helping you develop the basic skills that you will be needing.

2.) Cartoonize yourself software/applications
Aside from photoshop tutorials, you can also use different cartoonization programs which can pump out a cartoon version of yourself quickly. All you have to do is get a nice picture of yourself, and run the software on it, then you're all set! The advantage of these types of applications is that of speed, because you can practically come out with different cartoons in a matter of seconds. However, the downside is the lack of control. With the photoshop, you can basically change anything in your cartoon because you have the freedom to do so.

Those were two of the simplest ways which you could do if you want to turn a picture into a cartoon. As I've told you earlier, technology allows us to do this in a simple, efficient, and of course very easy manner. Go ahead and cartoon yourself!