Carving Step By Step

When the time comes to carve a Turkey, we want you to be ready. This is part 2 to a series on Carving Knives. Here is simple step by step guide on how to carve a Turkey and in what progression to do it in.

We have included pictures so you can see which part of the Turkey that you need to cut at. See here for the Carving Knives 101: Carve Like You Got A Pair - Part 1.

Carving The Wishbone

Step 1: Cutting The Wishbone

When you take the Turkey out, don't wait to long before you cut. You want the Turkey to be warm. Take your knife and cut around the wishbone in the back of the Turkey. Once you carve around it, you should be able to pull out the wishbone. Don't be to jagged with your cuts. You want it to be as clean as possible.

You could throw away the wishbone but we prefer to use it to make a wish or for a Turkey soup. If you do not know the legend, it says that if you take the wishbone and one person holds each end and makes a wish, the bone side of the bone that stays in tact when you pull on it is the winner. The winner has their wish granted.

Good Luck!

Step 2: Cutting The Legs

After you cut the wishbone out, you want to move to the legs. Take one leg and cut lightly down until you get to the bone. It is very important that you have a sharp knife to use for this. If your knife is dull, you won't be able to cut the leg bone and the cuts will be jagged.

The reason we don't want the cuts to be jagged is they will rip the meat off the Turkey and ruin the integrity of the Turkey. In order keep from cutting the Turkey in pieces, you must have an extremely sharp knife.

Before you start cutting your Turkey, you should have a great knife that is very sharp. Picking the right knife is everything. If you do not have that knife yet, check out Carving Knives 101: Carve Like you Got A Pair - Part 1. This shows you how to choose a knife.

Remove The Leg

After you get to the bone, cut through the bone as gently as possible. Put the leg to one side and do the same to the other leg. Take the two legs and cut them at the joints so that the second joint is off the bone.

Keep the joints that you just cut and put them with the wishbone for your soup.

Step 3: Cutting The Breast

Now that you have cut the wishbone and cut the legs off, it is time to cut the breasts. Pick one side of the Turkey to cut and start at the top. You want to cut down one side of the breast after the bone all the way to the bottom. The meat should fall right off the bone when you get to the bottom.

You want to cut with some authority but don't butcher it. Your goal is to get as much meat off the bone as possible. Click here if you need to find a different knife.

Carving Turkey Breast

Once you get to the bottom and the meat comes off the bone, take the breast and move it to one side of your cutting board.

Repeat the process for the other side of the Turkey and put the two pieces together.

Step 4: Slice The Turkey Breasts

Finally we slice the Turkey breasts into portions. All you have to do is take the breasts and cut them against the grain in slices.

There should be plenty of Turkey for everyone including people who want Turkey legs.

Finally, it's time to eat. Make sure you plate your Turkey on a nice large patter and serve to the family. If you would like to leave any comments on the bottom of the page with your tips on how to carve a Turkey, please do. I look forward hearing from you.