Carving Tools - Whittle the Wood

Carving With hand Tools

In days of old when knights were bold and television wasn't invented, guys would amuse themselves with some whittling of wood to carve animals, toys or useful objects. Maybe even something simple for whiling away the time and not being inactive and bored. Whittling wood is an old craft form. Expensive tools are not needed to be able to do the art. The form is a little rougher in that usually you can see the cutting strokes of the knife

Cut a relief Carving in Wood

You can mount a relief carving on to a piece of furniture you might have made or have bought, the back of the carving is flat. They are usually quite decorative, especially if they are painted or gilded. The usual set of tools you use to do hand carving is what you will be using, chisels, gouges and knives. Many carvers will also carve with power tools.

Three Dimensional Figures

Many people will find this style of carving the toughest as having to think in a 3 dimensional way will be more difficult. If you have some good drawings in the first instance and you know how to get the design on the chunk of wood then you might not struggle too much. For safety when you are using sharp wood carving tools, always make the cut going away from your body. Not a good idea to slip and stab yourself in the hand, leg or worse still in places where you have vital organs.

Wood Carving ToolsCarving Tools for Beginners

Which ever beginners wood carving tools you get the important thing is to know that sharpening is of prime importance. You will be spending a lot of time making sure that the blades are as sharp as they can be. The tools have to be sharp for getting the smoothest cuts.

Completing your Carving Masterpieces

Don’t worry too much if there was a breakage of the piece as you were carving the wood. You can stick it back together again with a few drops of cabinet makers glue. With a bigger break you may have to support the joint with doweling as well as glue. Smoothing off with glass paper will not be needed if you have been using the sharpest tools. if you have used sandpaper on your carving then it is wise not to be cutting again with your carving tools after that. It is not good for the tools apparently. Cutting Miters with Electric Tools

Make It Colourful

You can purchase good quality acrylic paints from the craft supplies store. It is water based and if you want to still see the wood grain you can thin it slightly. Give it a little bit of stain and a varnishing to follow it to get a natural look. Sometimes you will want to seal it first with a sanding sealer.

If you are a cutting a hole in glass

Rotary Wood Carving Tools

Power rotary woodcarving tools will allow you to carve better, quicker and with less effort. Perfectly OK to use both hand tools and power tools in the same job. If the loud noise of the electric motor is annoying you may not care to carve with it all the time. Could be a whole lot more restful to be a carver using only the chisels and gouges.