The design of a carving trike is over 100 years old

A carving trike is a 3-wheel trike device that transfers energy from a turning (cambering) motion into propulsion. Currently there are many companies creating carving trikes with one brand name being Carving Trike. Trikke human-powered vehicles are one of the better models available today but are more expensive. Harley-Davidson has also released a corner-carving trike.

A carving trike has been around for over 100 years in one form or another and a recent increase in development has led to advances in energy transfer as well as new technologies to take advantage of the cambering motion such as universal joints and folding bodies. In addition to harnessing the power of camber, gas and electric motors are used to help power some trikes. Some are utilizing a hybrid between the two energy options.
Not only is riding a carving trike fun, but it looks cool too! Above that, carving trikes are a great form of low impact cardiovascular exercise and are very useful for people that suffer from injuries associated with running and other extreme forms of aerobic exercises. Using a carving trike evenly works out your entire body and not just the legs like most of you suspect. In fact, the upper body, laterals and abdominal muscles, as well as buttock muscles all tend to benefit from a session on a trike.

Today, unlike 20 years ago, it has become normal to see someone on a trike in a park, parking lot or even on the sidewalk. Interest in trikes is now at terminal velocity and will not be in for a dramatic change in any direction but up in the coming years.

Being environmentally friendly, motorized trikes whether gas or electric-powered are becoming the primary choice for not just the general population but also industry as we see parking lot attendants, meter maids, security people, shopping mall staff, warehousing industries and hotel resort staff flock to having a trike in their arsenal of basic tools.

Schools in the US have introduced trikes into their physical education curriculums with great successes. Increased interest in physical education classes as well fitness in general has passed onto today’s youth. Classes for learning how to trike are available in hundreds if not thousands of locations around the world. As well, trike clubs and becoming the new in thing in many cities around the globe where you can have fun, exercise and meet friends. Many cities now have programs where you can rent some form of carving trike.

Another upside to the carving trike craze is that it is very easy now to find a deal on a trike as there are many trikkes for sale on many websites with dealers stimulating the aftermarket with active used trike purchasing options.

A Carving trike might seem new even though they have been around for 100 years but they will become much more popular in the coming years.

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