Using a Casabella Silicone Pie Crust Shield on your pie while baking will do away with those uneven brown or burnt edges that are so common when baking pies.  This is a really cool invention that will help you create the perfect evenly baked pastry.

By using these shields on the outer edges of your pie while baking, you will end up with a perfect looking and tasting crust.  If you have been fiddling with tin foil pieces near the end of the baking cycle in order to protect the edges from burning any further, but end up burning yourself as you disturb the pastry, then this is a great product worth checking out.

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These edge protectors are non-stick, so you can put them on right from the beginning of the baking process and not worry about them now gluing themselves to your pie.

They can tolerate up to 600 degrees F. and are totally dishwasher safe, and the best part is that they don’t lose their shape and will fit a 9 inch pie.  Heat passes through them, so it is still evenly baked.

Since outer edges of the shell are the thinnest (meaning no filling) they always tend to finish baking first, yet quite often the middle is not finished.  Once those edges finish baking, then they tend to over bake and turn hard, brown and many times burnt by the time the rest of the pie is done.  This is especially true of open ones such as Quiche where the egg filling has to finish cooking in the center of the pastry shell.

They are so easy to fit on the outer edges of your crust and stay put while baking.  I know personally I always have problems with apple pie, burning around outer edges, because you want the filling to totally cook through in the middle, and sometimes that means edges can end up a little on the dark side, and those parts often get left on the plate afterwards.

Nothing worse tasting than burnt pastry!  There is only a small window of time in trying to watch out for burning edges on pies, and I remember my Grandmother would always be armed with strips of tin foil to try and cover the outer part of the pastry awkwardly in order to preserve the delicate edges the best she could.

But now with this shield, you know longer have to do that. 

You can even put these shields on those frozen unbaked pies that you can get in the grocery store freezer for meat or fruit pies that you have to finish baking in the oven at home.

So, even if you are not a pastry maker, but love pies, but have got into the habit of not eating the outer parts as they get dry, hard and sometimes burnt, then you may begin to like those edges again.  It is nice when the entire dessert is eaten because there are no burnt bits anymore.

You can get these Pie Crust Shields in many specialty kitchen stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon and get them delivered to your door!  Happy Baking!

Did you know you can still create great baked goods in a toaster oven all you need are the right oven pans for cooking and baking your favourite meals and desserts.

Casabella Silicone Pie Crust Shield
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this stops the edges from burning.