For the completely unaware I will explain what exactly Cash Crate is and why they should consider using the program. CashCrate is an online service which provides surveys, polls and online forms for its users to fill out with their personal information. If the information they provide checks out as accurate, then Cash Crate will deposit a predetermined amount of money into your account. This money is now yours and that is the end of that specific transaction. Fortunately there are hundreds of these offers to complete and earn money from, leaving you, the user, to rake up lots of free money just for filling out forms with information that is second nature to you.

Now that you've understood how CashCrate works, allow me to explain some cool tips for you to use while filling out forms. These tricks will increase productivity, allowing you to rapidly increase your earnings limit and skyrocket them into very valuable heights that you otherwise wouldn't have seen.

1) Crate a large stable of email accounts for the specific use of CashCrate notifications only. The reason is very simple as it allows you be more organized with the confirmation emails that are sent to the addresses you've registered when you fill out the surveys with the required information. Sometimes before you will be credited with fully completing an offer you will be required to click a confirmation link in an email to prove to them that you're not a robot or a machine which is automatically filling out emails. You will receive LOTS of spam and junky email during this period so in order to properly sort through them you should rotate emails so you don't have to sift through the crap every single time.

2) Another solid tip is to take frequent breaks in between surveys to avoid getting burnt out. Filling out the same information over and over is not a very challenging task. As such it gets very boring and there will definitely be times where you'd like to quit. To avoid this problem I highly recommend that you complete your offers in stages. For instance, if you'd like to complete at least 2 hours worth of offers every day, you should split them up into 1 hour increments. If that's too long for you, split them into half hour sections throughout the day. This will make things go by a lot easier for you.

3) To increase the amount of money you make with this program you should be actively referring new friends as often as you can. If you can get a large collection of people who are as interested in making money as you to sign up with your referral link then you'll be making a nice chunk of change each month. Passive income is the best income and you should pursue it with great conviction.

I hope these tips have helped you as much as they've helped me. Keep at it and you'll be making more money than you are now in no time.