If you need to find a way to get some cash till payday, then your options are going to be somewhat limited, depending on how long you have until your next paycheck comes. For most people, this length of time will be around 2 weeks or less, which leaves you with two main options: either borrowing money from a friend or relative, or finding a way to secure a payday loan.

While I have talked quite a bit about quick payday loans, I have not spent as much time on your other option - borrowing money from someone who you know and trust, which is the option most people would recommend when it comes to finding cash till payday.

Most people recommend these types of loans (i.e. a loan from a family member or friend) based soley on one factor - cost. Obviously, any loan is going to look expensive when compared to borrowing the money with zero interest from your brother. In that sense (no phun intended), you are most definitely better off if you take out the family member loan for 1000 rather than a payday loan for that amount. However, there are other 'non economic' costs that need to be taken into consideration.

First, you should take into consideration what I like to call the 'friendship cost' of these cash till payday loans. True, this is a cash till payday loan with no credit check, but that doesn't mean your friendship credit won't get hurt if you default on the loan. In fact, there are many great relationships get ruined this way.

Second, you need to consider how awkward you may feel. Yes, if it's only a small 500 loan then you might not feel so bad, but if you need a 2500 loan that might be a different matter altogether. In addition, as the loan amount increases, the risk of you having problems increase.

Finally, you need to consider how much you are actually saving by borrowing the money from your friend. Yes, interest rates on till payday loans with bad credit are not great when you annualize them, but if you look at the cost to just borrow the money for two weeks its not that bad. For example, on a typical instant cash loan till payday you will expect to pay above 450 percent annualy (APR) in interest. However, if the loan is for only $500, then you may only end up spending $75 to borrow the money for two weeks. Yes, that $75 is not cheap, especially if you put it into APR terms, but ask yourself - is it worth $75 to risk my friendship with X-person? If not, and you think there is a risk that your friendship may be ruined, then you should consider the payday loan instead of the family/friend loan.